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Water Well Drilling/ Mining drilling, geothermal drilling, directional drilling, and sonic drilling

Job Details

Location: Quebec, Canada

Closing Date: December 2, 2018


Company:  Forages Technic-Eau Inc. / Forage FTE et FTE Drilling

Business Information: FTE Drilling specializes in a variety of drilling services in Canada, Africa, and South America. Renowned for the quality of its work, FTE Drilling ensures an unmatched response time in a safe and environmentally friendly work place. The unique expertise of our specialists and our large equipment fleet can optimize the profitability of your project.

Business address: 5055, boul. Industriel, Sherbrooke, Quebec J1R 0P4, Canada

Work Location: Main location will be in a mine in Ontario located near Ontario Lake and other projects within Ontario. Occasionally the company will have projects in Quebec (Abitibi, Greater Montreal, Quebec city and surroundings) or Nova Scotia (Halifax and surroundings)

Type of Employment: Full time – Permanent

Estimated Start Date: As soon as possible

Job Description:

  • Drilling in RC (reverse circulation) for mining exploration with Schramm type drill
  • Drilling for piezometers, pumping wells and deep holes with Foremost DR-12 and DR-24 drills
  • Perform routine maintenance work on water well drilling rigs and equipment
  • Review client requirements and proposed locations for mining drilling, well drilling, geothermal drilling, directional drilling, and sonic drilling.
  • Drilling for mining, commercial, industrial and environmental projects.
  • Document geological formations encountered
  • Perform routine mechanical maintenance work on drills and equipment
  • Collect drilling samples so that geologists can possibly analyze their composition
  • Be able to foresee/determine the mechanic works to be done on drilling machines like Schramm, (DR-12 and DR-24) Foremost, etc.
  • Complete accurate drilling reports on drilling operations, consumables used, etc.
  • Participate in safety breaks as well as any safety training required by the client


– Education: High school is an asset

– Experience: Due to the complexity of the project we handle and for security reasons, the candidate must have at least 5 years of experience as driller on double rotary drilling machines (Foremost DR-12 and DR24) for drilling of screened wells, drilling of large diameter (6 to 24 inches) and deep drilling of more than 200m for mines, environmental projects, and civil projects

– Have at least 5 years of experience with reverse circulation drilling (RC Drilling) on drilling machines (example: Schramm, T3W, etc.) for mining exploration drilling and Grade Control

– Have at least 5 years of experience with reverse circulation drill (RC Drilling) on drilling machines (Schramm type, T3W, etc.) for mining exploration drilling and Grade Control

Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities: Physically demanding; hand-eye co-ordination; standing for extended periods; bending, crouching, kneeling

Salary: $29.16 (Day shift) to $31.25 (Night shift) hourly, 40-80 hours per week

Benefits: Disability insurance, extended medical insurance and housing

– Housing information: During the 3 weeks of work period, worker will stay in a mine camp and will have free room and board.  If the employee works on a non-mining project, he will be housed in a motel paid by the employer.  Food allowances are also provided.  During the 1 or 2 days off, they will stay in a motel and the company will cover the accommodation and food expenses.

Important Information:

Work Schedule: In the mines the schedules might be between 6AM and 6PM (day shift) or between 6PM and 6AM (night shift).  Minimum 40 hours per week up to 80 hours per week.  The mine projects require that workers stay for about 3 weeks to 1 month with 1 day off.  In this specific case, the workers will stay 3 weeks in, 1-2 days off up to 2 months. Then, 1 month out.  Overtime is required

For the other projects in Ontario, and occasionally in Quebec and Nova Scotia, the work schedules will be between 6AM and 6PM or between 6PM and 6AM, Monday through Friday or Saturday (5/7 or 6/7) depending on the projects.

Apply by e-mail to:

Apply by mail to: 5055, boul. Industriel, Sherbrooke, Quebec J1R 0P4, Canada

Forages Technic-Eau Inc.
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