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China buying Gold Mines Instead of Gold Bullion

A top industry offical from the China Gold Association told The China daily back in February that the chinese purchase of IMF bullion would cause market speculation and volatility. Instead, China is continuing to buy gold not directly from the market but through acquiring gold mines…abroad!

Read The China Daily Story Here

Dennis Gartman reported in March: “Perhaps we are to begin owning gold mines rather than gold futures of gold ETFs. We have avoided owning mines for years, preferring the “purer” play of owning gold rather than the mines, for we fear being exposed to poor mine management, or accidents in a mine that might do damage to the equity while gold itself moves higher. But if the Chinese authorities want to own mines, perhaps we have to consider doing so also…”

Why shouldn’t this make sense? After all, where do investors want to put their money? Banks are unsafe. Stocks are unsafe and speculative. With Real Estate at least you have a tangible asset and it will hold some value despite market busts. And buying Gold Bullion, especially buying in large quantities, can cause the prices to fluctuate significantly.

The best bet? Gold Mines! Maybe even patented gold mines where the investors own both the title to the land AND the Gold in the ground.

Get ready to see a huge surge in gold mine buyers, especially from China!

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