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Cox Oil Offshore, L.L.C. and Chevron Successfully Complete Transaction in Gulf of Mexico

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cox Oil Offshore, L.L.C. (Cox Oil), an established, privately owned, independent oil and gas company today announced they have successfully completed a transaction in which Cox Oil acquired a number of assets in the Gulf of Mexico from Chevron. The acquisition includes 19 fields and associated assets located primarily on the GOM Outer Continental Shelf and in Louisiana state waters.

“Today’s closing further demonstrates Cox Oil’s dedication to the Gulf of Mexico and the Outer Continental Shelf. We look forward to welcoming the more than 100 Chevron employees that will be joining our team,” said Brad E. Cox, Chairman and Founder of Cox Oil.

“This transaction contributes to our long term, strategic focus in the oil and gas industry. We are grateful to Chevron and their professional staff for their dedication and efforts in this process,” said Craig Sanders, CEO of Cox Oil.

The asset acquisition package includes 170 active wells, 70 platforms, 70 caissons and other offshore structures. The financial aspects of the deal will not be disclosed. The closing date for the transaction is April 15, 2016.

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