EP Minerals Launches Revolutionary Low Dust Diatomaceous Earth Swim Pool Filter Aid

March 9, 2016

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RENO, Nev.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–EP Minerals, LLC, a global leader in industrial minerals, today announced the launch of CelaPoolTM, a revolutionary new low dust diatomaceous earth (DE) filter aid for the swimming pool industry. CelaPool is an exclusive patent-pending product that contains EP Minerals’ Celatom DE, the number one choice of swim pool professionals. CelaPool is a unique low dust formulation, making for easy handling and less mess.

“For years, we listened to swim pool professionals complain about the dustiness of our swim pool diatomaceous earth filter aid, even though they knew that DE was the most effective for creating a crystal clear and clean pool,” said Jonas Pearce, EP Minerals’ CelaPool product manager. “Now we have a low dust product that addresses that issue, and we’re pretty excited about that. There’s nothing else like CelaPool on the market today,” Pearce added.

EP Minerals will be previewing the new CelaPool swim pool filter aid at the Western Pool & Spa show in Long Beach, CA, March 10-12 at the Long Beach Convention Center in Booth #737.

CelaPool comes in a brand new, leak-proof thermally sealed plastic bag, for cleaner handling and storage in three different sizes: 6 lb, 12 lb and 24 lb. “Not only did we address the DE dust problem, we’ve created a better package for the product with the thermally sealed bags. And because they are plastic, they hold up great in wet areas like around a swimming pool,” said Pearce.

Learn more about CelaPool at www.epminerals.com/celapool, or talk to your local swim pool sales representative.

About EP Minerals

EP Minerals, LLC is a worldwide leader in diatomaceous earth (DE), clay and perlite. These unique minerals are used as filter aids, absorbents and functional additives serving dozens of diverse markets including food and beverage, biofuels, swimming pool, landscape, sports turf, paint, plastics and insecticides. EP Minerals also produces patented water purification media and arsenic removal products. For more information, visit www.epminerals.com.

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