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Giant sinkhole appears in Illinois soccer field following mine collapse

A giant sinkhole has abruptly emerged in the middle of a soccer field in Illinois following the collapse of a limestone mine nearby, according to multiple media reports.

A video of the sinkhole has since surfaced online. The version provided by CTVNews can be seen below:

The sinkhole, as it appears in the footage, measures about 100 feet (30 metres) and 30 feet (9 metres) deep, according to local officials. There were no reported injuries or casualties, but all sporting events have been cancelled.

The incident occurred at Gordon Moore Park in Alton, Illinois, where an underground mine operated by New Frontier Materials is also built. The site is about 30 km north of St. Louis, Missouri.

In a statement given to media outlets, the construction materials company confirmed that the mine “experienced a surface subsidence” and opened a sink hole at the park, adding that an investigation is now underway.

“This could have been much worse,” Marquette Catholic High School athletic director Brian Hoener said in an interview with the Alton Telegraph, noting that their summer camp was there around the same time a week before.

Michael Hayes, director of Alton Parks and Recreation Department, called the sinkhole “surreal” when interviewed by Missouri news outlet KMOV, adding that it’s “like a movie.”

“The mines have been here and in this area for decades and decades,” Hayes told the CBS-affiliated network. “It’s never been brought up before so I’m told it’s an anomaly. We’ll wait until the investigation is complete.”

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