Global Market for Graphene and 2-D Materials 2016 – Comprehensive Auantitative Data and Forecasts for the Market to 2025 – Research and Markets

April 26, 2016

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DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “The Global Market for Graphene and 2-D Materials” report to their offering.

Since the discovery and first isolation of graphene in 2004 there has been a huge amount of research and commercial activity investigating its application in electronics, chemical and bio-sensors, energy storage and conversion components, photonics, composites, coatings and so on. The scale of the graphene community’s research and development activity in synthesis, characterization and applications is now vast, on a global level.

Recently, there has been a surge in activity in the exploration of other two dimensional atomic layered structures including hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN), silicene, and transition metal dichalcogenides in the form of single layers that offer a larger range of properties than graphene, especially for electronics applications. The Global Market for Graphene, fully revised and updated to April 2016, with an additonal 40 pages of content from the prevous edition is the most in-depth analysis of this crucially important future market available.

What Does the Report Include?

– Comprehensive quantitative data and forecasts for the global graphene market to 2025.

– Qualitative insight and perspective on the current market and future trends in end user markets based on interviews with key executives.

– End user market analysis and technology timelines.

– Financial estimates for the markets graphene will impact.

– Patent analysis.

– Competitive analysis of carbon nanotubes versus graphene.

– Comparative analysis of graphene and other 2D Materials.

– Tables and figures illustrating graphene market size

– Full company profiles of over 200 graphene producers and application developers including products and end user markets targeted

– Industry activity and breakthroughs by market 2013-2016.

– Producers and types of graphene produced matrix

– Graphene industrial collaborations

Key Topics Covered:

1. Research Methodology

2. Executive Summary

3. Properties Of Nanomaterials

4. Graphene

5. Carbon Nanotubes Versus Graphene

6. Other 2D Materials

7. Graphene Synthesis

8. Graphene Market Structure

9. Regulations And Standards

10. Patents And Publications

11. Technology Readiness Level

12. End User Market Segment Analysis

13. Electronics And Photonics

14. Competing Materials

15. Photonics

16. Polymer Composites

17. Aerospace

18. Coatings

19. Biomedical & Healthcare

20. Biosensors

21. Sustainability And Regulation

22. Smart Windows

23. Energy Storage, Conversion And Exploration

24. Photovoltaics

25. LED Lighting And UVC

26. Oil And Gas

27. Sensors

28. Improved Thermal Stability

29. Infrared Sensors

30. 3D Printing

31. Thermal Management In Electronics

32. Lubricants

33. Textiles

34. Company Profiles

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