Introducing the Fictiv Platform: The Next Generation of Hardware Development and Modern Manufacturing

June 20, 2016

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Debuting the Fastest Way for Engineers and Designers to Go From Idea to Hardware Prototype and Accelerate Innovation

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – Jun 20, 2016) – Fictiv, a manufacturing platform, is fundamentally transforming the hardware development process by giving small businesses and enterprises access to prototyping technology at unparalleled speed. The company’s highly vetted network of 3D printing and CNC machines (also unveiled today) enables organizations to seamlessly fabricate hardware prototypes. Fictiv drastically reduces the traditional hardware development cycles for engineers and designers from weeks to days.

Fictiv’s platform allows customers to focus their efforts on design and engineering challenges, streamlining the product development process and saving significant time. Notably, Fictiv provides 3D printed prototypes delivered in 24 hours, and CNC machined parts in 3 days.

“Access to a variety of high quality prototype parts early in the development process enabled us to test our hardware designs to create intelligent and great performing features,” said Rasheq Zarif, Senior Manager, Business Innovation at Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America, Inc. “Fictiv gave us the insight and quality we expected and need to prototype new parts quickly.”

Says Dave Evans, co-founder, Fictiv: “We founded Fictiv with the vision to build a more efficient manufacturing ecosystem. Fictiv is designed to empower engineers and designers with the tools and expertise needed to produce better hardware products, in significantly less time.”

Speed of Manufacturing Equals Speed to Market
To differentiate themselves against larger, entrenched players, companies of all sizes must focus on increasing their speed to market.

For small businesses, Fictiv accelerates time to market by rapid production of 3D printed and CNC machined parts, offering a transformational advantage against larger companies. Similarly, engineers and designers within larger companies use the platform to design and iterate in a fraction of the time and cost as traditional manufacturing options.

“Fictiv dramatically reduced our iteration time by getting us high quality prints within days, with no extra time spent on our end preparing parts for a print, setting up a printer, or cleaning and finishing parts,” said Abe Fetterman, CTO at Nomiku, “Fast turnaround and less hands-on time meant our time could be spent where it was needed most: designing our product.”

The Fictiv Platform Supports Local Economy
Fictiv automates the prototyping process by optimizing machine capacity to support faster, on-demand fabrication of parts. Once customers upload their design files, the platform intelligently identifies available machine capacity and sends the parts to pre-vetted, trusted fabricators in Fictiv’s network. This distributed approach supports local manufacturing ecosystems by helping quality vendors fill excess capacity. As the manufacturing industry shifts toward more localized models, Fictiv is building the infrastructure needed to allow for a distributed, agile manufacturing economy.

“The US was once the center of manufacturing in the world,” says Nate Evans, co-founder, Fictiv. “Today the country is still filled with some of the best manufacturing minds and expertise globally. However, many of these shops have been left behind without the needed technology and tools to compete against larger, centralized manufacturers. Fictiv is building a technology infrastructure to allow engineers and designers better access these experts, while catalyzing local economies to spur growth.”

About Fictiv
Founded in 2013, by two brothers looking for a way to bring Agile methodologies and access to hardware development resources, Fictiv is a manufacturing platform and the most efficient way to fabricate parts. Powered by a distributed network of highly vetted vendors, Fictiv provides the critical infrastructure teams need to streamline prototyping and accelerate development cycles. The online interface makes it easy for customers to get instant quotes, review manufacturing feedback, and manage orders — all through a single service. Fictiv is transforming how teams design, develop, and deliver the next generation of hardware products. For more information about Fictiv or to learn about hardware manufacturing best practices, visit

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