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Kenorland announces preliminary metallurgical results at the Frotet gold project

Kenorland Minerals (TSXV: KLD) announced the results of preliminary metallurgical testing of the Regnault gold system on the Frotet project, located in northern Quebec and held under joint venture with Sumitomo Metal Mining Canada (SMMCL).

Preliminary test work was initiated with the completion of hole 22RDD149 that twinned the Regnault discovery hole 20RDD007 (29 metres at 8.47 g/t gold, including 11.1 metres at 18.43 g/t gold) and intersected 29 metres at 16.61 g/t gold including 9.9 metres at 44.89 g/t gold.

Kenora says objectives of this study included the analysis of mineralogical characteristics and the preliminary assessment of gold-silver recovery through cyanide amenability of the Regnault ore. The study was carried out at the engineering department, mineral resources division of SMMCL.

The initial test work has demonstrated promising gold-silver recoveries of the Regnault-style ore, the company says.

Additional work has been planned to further maximize recovery, including the effects of gravity separation of coarse gold and electrum prior to cyanide leaching, the potential effect of flotation prior to cyanide leaching, and the use of an activator (lead nitrate or citric acid) to increase extraction of precious metals from gold-silver-tellurium minerals during cyanide leaching.

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