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Lincoln Minerals Receives Government Approval for Kookaburra Gully

Lincoln Minerals Ltd. (ASX:LML) announced that the Commonwealth Government has ruled favorably on the proposed development of the company’s South Australia-based Kookaburra Gully graphite project.

As quoted in the press release:

The Department of the Environment has ruled that under sections 75 and 77A of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act), Lincoln’s proposal to develop, operate and decommission its open-cut Kookaburra Gully graphite mine, 35 kilometres north of Port Lincoln, is not a controlled action if undertaken in a particular manner (EPBC 2015/7470).

This means the proposed mine does not require further Federal assessment and approval under the EPBC Act before it can proceed.

Dr. John Parker, managing director of Lincoln, commented:

This is an important and positive decision for Lincoln and paves the way for final assessment of our mining lease proposal (MLP) submitted to the SA Department of State Development (DSD) in February last year.

The MLP was released for public comment in September 2015 and, based on the submissions received by DSD from the general public and other Government departments, a Response Document was prepared by Lincoln and lodged this week with DSD for assessment along with the original MLP.

Click here to read the full Lincoln Minerals Ltd. (ASX:LML) press release.

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