Liulishuo's AI English Teacher Sparkles at 2018 ASU + GSV Summit

April 20, 2018

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SAN DIEGO, April 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The 2018 ASU + GSV Summit wrapped up its 9th annual session on April 18 in San Diego, California. It attracted 350+ of the world’s most innovative tech leaders from across the learning and talent spectrum. Hui Lin, Co-founder and Chief Scientist of Liulishuo (formally known as LingoChamp), received a warm welcome at his 2nd presence at this year’s Summit. He made a presentation and joined 2 panels to introduce Liulishuo’s innovative AI English teacher, and meanwhile, to contribute his insights on the combination of AI and future learning.

The three sections Hui Lin attended were 1) “Thought Leaders,” which invited founders of Liulishuo, Burning Glass Technologies, and Reflektive to present their companies and products; 2) “ChinaWorld: Homegrown Innovations and Unique Education Models in the Chinese Market,” which brought prominent Chinese education companies together, including Liulishuo, TAL, and 17Zuoye to discuss China’s particular demographics and education culture; 3) “AI in Education – Boom or Bubble,” joined by founders and VPs of Liulishuo, GM, IBM, ETS, and TAL to share their entrepreneurship experiences with start-ups looking to enter the AI education market, as well as large companies desiring to transform business using AI technologies.

“The ASU + GSV Summit brings together a powerful group of leaders from across education to share their successful practices. Due to the rapid growth of the Chinese education market in recent years, we are undoubtedly the spotlights throughout the 3-day Summit,” said Hui Lin.

During the panels, Hui shared his views on China’s “AI+Education” industry. “China didn’t start its online education until 2014, while it now has over 140 million active online learners, turning into one of the world’s largest markets. The combination of AI and education is a solution to the ‘pain points’ of traditional English teaching mode, including low-efficiency, unequally distributed educational resources, and high costs,” said Hui. He later emphatically introduced Liulishuo’s pioneering AI English teacher, which is based on 3 self-developed AI technologies (a speech evaluation engine, writing assessment engine, and adaptive learning system), to provide a personalized and adaptive learning path to each English learner.

Given that around 10 percent of 4,000+ attendees were from outside the United States, representing 40 countries, many were interested if Liulishuo would develop apps to teach multiple languages, as Duolingo has been doing. Hui replied, “For now, developing a leading English teaching product is our first priority. Since the two top reasons for Chinese to learn foreign languages are to communicate with the world and to have better career developments, we choose English, this international language, to best serve their needs. While in the future, we will develop multiple versions in various languages, such as Japanese, Korean, and Germany, to benefit English learners from all over the world.”

“It’s my third time to join the ASU + GSV Summit. I’m glad to exchange thoughts with the most distinguished leaders across the education industry. At Liulishuo, we are disrupting the status quo of high prices and low-efficiency of English learning with our AI English teacher. With the mission of helping everyone become a global citizen, Liulishuo will keep on with the exploration of ‘AI+Education’, and bring high-quality education resources to more parts of the World,” Hui concluded.

About Liulishuo

Liulishuo is a world leading AI-driven education technology company, founded by Yi Wang, Ben Hu and Hui Lin in September 2012. With a world leading AI lab, Liulishuo has developed the world’s most intelligent and highly effective AI English teacher which provides a personalized and adaptive learning path for every learner based on deep learning technologies. It is proven to triple the learning efficiency compared to human teachers in the CEFR standards.

Its flagship product, Liulishuo, is the leading English learning app and the most popular language learners’ community in China with over 70 million users, covering 379 cities in China and 175 countries around the world. It has been featured by Apple as “Selected Apps of the Year” and “App Store Essentials”.

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