Mitsubishi Positive on Platinum in the Medium and Long Term

February 8, 2016

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Mining Weekly reported that according to Mitsubishi Corp. (TSE:8058) the medium- to long-term outlook for platinum is still positive, at least in terms of demand.

As quoted in the market news:

In its January 18 Precious Metals Weekly Update, the company highlights that 2016 will represent the first full year of Euro 6 emis- sions legislation being implemented across all vehicle models, which, in general, means an uplift to platinum loadings in diesel vehicles.

“From September 2017, a new on-road emissions testing system will be implemented with a particular focus on real world nitrogen dioxide emissions. Even though many automakers are choosing nonplatinum-containing urea-based selective catalytic reduction (SCR) devices methods for diesel nitrogen dioxide control, these systems are not suitable [for] smaller vehicles,” adds Mitsubishi.

This leaves automakers with a choice of fitting platinum-rich nitrogen oxide traps or hydrocarbon-based SCR, which requires higher loadings of platinum on the other catalyst components, including the oxidation catalyst and filter, to generate the right mix of gases for the SCR unit to function.

Further, during the Detroit Auto Show in January, German vehicle manufacturer Volkswagen (VW) announced that it will propose to the US authorities that SCR devices be fitted to around 430 000 vehicles affected by the company’s diesel emissions debacle.

Click here to read the full Mining Weekly report.

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