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Oakridge Announces New Corporate Image, Branding and Media Communications Tools

Oakridge Global Energy Solutions (OTCMKTS:OGES) announced its new corporate image, branding and media communications tools in conjunction with its ramp up to full production of its best in class lithium-ion “Proudly Made in USA” batteries and energy storage products.

As quoted in the press release:

As a key part of its new corporate image and branding, Oakridge now has a sharp new-look website ( that highlights the company’s global market and presence, and which is in keeping with its corporate mission to become the leading “Made in USA” producer of lithium-ion batteries and energy storage products. The new website now also contains easy-to-access product details for the reference of wholesale consumers and direct customers alike. The revamped site can also be accessed by using Oakridge’s old domain name,

Oakridge has also partnered with DreamTeamNetwork (“DTN”) to create an innovative Investor relations (IR) package that provides excellent detail for potential customers and investors regarding the company and its products.

Oakridge continues to grow and expand as planned. During 2015 and into 2016 Oakridge has continued to exceed targets for hiring of employees, acquisition of capital equipment for factory automation, and providing innovative and informative tools to keep stakeholders fully engaged in company activities. This is another example of how this “Proudly Made In The USA” manufacturing company is aggressively serving its target markets. Oakridge is fully engaging with the world lithium battery market in every aspect. The new 69,000-square-foot facility at 3520 Dixie Highway in Melbourne, Florida, is now fully operational with production ramping up rapidly since reopening after the Christmas period on January 4. Oakridge will also be attending several major industry trade shows in the first quarter of 2016 to roll out exiting new products.

OGES executive chairman and CEOSteve Barber, stated:

Having successfully completed a total revamp of the company’s business and products during 2014 and 2015, Oakridge continues to improve every aspect of its business, and media and communications tools like these are no exception. These new tools are fantastically well-designed and provide improved information regarding all aspects of our business. The new website and IR package provide Oakridge with a major point of differentiation over our competitors in the Far East, and these media and communications tools that we have just launched are absolutely best in class. Being in the battery business, we have reviewed websites from over 100 companies that are in the industry worldwide. Investors and customers demand easy access and good communication and we again lead the industry by delivering these tools.

This new corporate image and branding, embodied in the dramatic, crisp new website and the matching investor relations package were inspired by requests and questions from our various customers, investors and suppliers about the company and its game-changing ‘Made in USA’ lithium-ion battery and energy storage products,” said vice president of Oakridge Corporate Communications Suzanna Barber. “Our goal is to be a global leader in all aspects of the world battery market, and our new media and communications tools are a key part in that process of getting the exciting Oakridge message out and allowing Oakridge to take its rightful place in the global marketplace.

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