To the Editor:

Re “,” by Tom Sanzillo and David Schlissel (Op-Ed, April 14), about Peabody Energy and coal reclamation obligations:

Peabody Energy plays a leading, responsible role in land restoration and has been overfunding land reclamation while restoring its lands responsibly for many decades. In addition to paying every dollar of our own land restoration as it occurs, we have been paying hundreds of millions of dollars into the Abandoned Mined Lands program.

Just in the last decade, Peabody has paid many millions of dollars to restore our own mined lands in high-quality fashion, as we should. But the company has also contributed more than half a billion dollars to this federal program, which is restoring no Peabody lands, was due to sunset years ago, and is overfunded.

Peabody sees our land restoration as an essential part of the mining process and takes great pride in the work we do. Each year, we restore thousands of acres into hardy and productive rangeland, wildlife habitat, hardwood forests and wetlands.

We monitor progress to satisfy our own high standards and those of the states and federal government before lands are ultimately released for generations to follow.


Senior Vice President, Global

Investor and Corporate Relations

Peabody Energy

St. Louis