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Rio Tinto kicks off recruitment campaign

Rio Tinto has begun a recruitment campaign for University graduates from Australia and New Zealand, as it seeks to attract the best and brightest minds across a range of disciplines, including engineering, data science, advanced technology, business and geology.

Beginning in early 2024, successful applicants will participate in an award-winning two-year graduate development program designed to prepare graduates to lead, innovate and invent. The company is seeking to recruit approximately 150 Australian and New Zealand-based graduates out of a global program of 300 graduates.

Last year, Rio Tinto welcomed 261 graduates globally, with more than half women and 130 based in Australia including 16% Indigenous Australians, it said.

Earlier this month, Rio Tinto’s Graduate Development Program won the “Most Popular Mining & Energy Employer” award in Australia’s GradConnection Top 100 Graduate Employer Awards for the second year in a row.

“Our award-winning graduate program provides an excellent launching pad for the next generation of leaders at Rio Tinto. It ensures we have an exceptional pipeline of young talent across our business, embedded with critical future skills across disciplines such engineering, technology, geosciences, data science and commercial,” Rio Tinto Chief Executive, Australia, Kellie Parker, said in a news release.

“At Rio Tinto, we are committed to finding better ways to provide the materials the world needs to decarbonise and our graduates will be at the frontline of ensuring we deliver on that promise,” Parker said. “With decarbonisation at the heart of our strategy, Rio Tinto presents a unique opportunity for any graduate wanting to play a leading role in accelerating decarbonisation and tackling this global challenge.”

More information is here.

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