SNACK ATTACK: California Author, Paula Thomas, Offers the Perfect Light Summer Read

April 20, 2018

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IRVINE, Calif., April 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — POTLUCK: Little Stories from a Big Table. Enjoy a table-full of heart-warming and hilarious stories of a sweeter time as you join the author on her “small-town girl from a big family” shenanigans growing up in the 1950’s with six siblings in a tiny beach cottage. Learn how delicious life can be when two siblings win a TV talent show and become Hollywood celebrities. Get a unique peek at life on Catalina Island, as the author shares the outlandish antics of her future husband as he runs wild in a one-of-a-kind environment, light-years (okay, 26 miles) from the bustle of city life, where the sheriff knows your parents and is willing to “look the other way.”

As a one-time pet shop owner, the author also gives a behind-the-scenes look at riotous adventures with animals from pythons to puppies to pigs. Her predicaments will leave you aching with laughter.

The Author was a kid who couldn’t sit still, before they had the term “attention deficit disorder.” Paula, to quote her first-grade teacher, had “ants in their pants.” The author’s inability to stay focused in class, and the fact she enjoyed being class clown, didn’t help her grades any.  

Also, she had a unique gift for embarrassing herself. Ever done something so ridiculous you wish you had a hole to hide in? Well – in Paula’s life, that’s called “Wednesday.”

Laughter was a release valve for her. When you are crammed with six siblings in a five-room bungalow, you have to do something to survive and Paula used humor to hold the chaos at bay. Her funny stories kept her friends in stitches and kept the author sane.

Then, when two of her sisters became Hollywood movie stars, the author’s life took a delightful detour (same chaos, but better vittles!).   

Later, when Paula got married and had kids … MORE stories!

This book is the culmination of the author’s sometimes silly and sometimes poignant adventures.  And what’s amazing, all these stories are true.

The author is an entertaining speaker and is available for presentations and book signings.  

“Oh my gosh … I invited Paula Thomas for a book-signing for 20 of my tennis buddies. It was the most fun ever! The stories in person are even funnier than on the page. One attendee asked me, ‘Is she a comedian?’ Because Paula had us in absolute stitches!”  (Carol Davis, Vero Beach, FL)

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In promotion of POTLUCK: Little Stories from a Big Table, Thomas has presentations and book signings planned in California on July 21, in the Avalon Library on Catalina Island; and on July 25, in the Leisure World Library in Seal Beach.

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