Sparton Gets Approval for Commissioning of Vanadium Flow Battery

February 26, 2016

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Sparton Resources Inc. (TSXV:SRI) announced that the commissioning of the Zhangbei Project’s 8-megawatt-hour vanadium flow battery has been officially approved. The battery’s owner, State Grid North China Company Ltd., has sent an acceptance letter.

As quoted in the press release:

The battery acceptance was received following preparation of performance reports by engineers and technicians from both State Grid and the Company’s subsidiary, JJSP (see below), confirming that the battery met all design and performance protocols. This work completed the final phase of the commissioning program.

Representatives of both State Grid and JJSP indicated they are extremely pleased with the battery performance and State Grid has put the unit into operation at the Zhangbei Project. The commissioning contract further provides for JJSP to continue to provide and fund the service obligations for this battery by providing three years of maintenance at the installation.

A proposal for the three-year monitoring and maintenance program is currently being prepared. This proposal will be submitted shortly to State Grid for acceptance. After acceptance of the proposal, State Grid will be invoiced for the next payment.

Lee Barker, president of Sparton Resources, commented:

Acceptance of the battery by State Grid after a rigorous commissioning program is a significant milestone for the Company. The ongoing successful operation of the battery and additional energy storage planned at Zhangbei are positive elements for new opportunities here and elsewhere. The experience in the commissioning of this battery has confirmed our belief that vanadium flow batteries are currently the most practical solution for large scale electricity storage. As an extension to our subsidiary’s success in assisting with the commissioning program, we are pursuing the opportunity to become directly involved in this industry. Advanced due diligence and negotiations are underway, related to the possible acquisition of an international vanadium battery manufacturing group in association with strategic partners. Both of these opportunities arose out of our activities in pursuing vanadium exploration and mining opportunities in China. Those vanadium exploration and mining objectives continue to be part of Sparton’s long-term plans.

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