Successful Repeat Travel Entrepreneur Kevin Du (RezB2B) Reveals Game Changing Travel Agency And Tour Operator Platform At Major Global Las Vegas Travel Forum

April 20, 2018

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LAS VEGAS, April 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Well-respected travel industry veteran Kevin Du is doing it…again. Kevin is using his previous knowledge in growing and scaling a company to a multi-million dollar global business to bring the operator side of travel up to speed. At a recent event with over 1,000 of the top travel industry agents and suppliers globally, travel technology expert, CEO Kevin Du, was a panelist to discuss how technology is shaping our world.

For years, providers of travel tours in remote areas as well as major cities have worked in a disconnected bookkeeping form. Documenting itineraries and scheduling bookings with just a pen, paper, and a phone. Its been extremely difficult bringing commercial success to these operators mainly because there hasn’t been a universal back-end for real-time inventory management. What this means for example, is that if a traveler in Utah wants to book a day tour to view sights in New Orleans during a specific time, they can do so*.

Yes, there’s a caveat.

That caveat being that nearly all the online travel agencies that will willingly accept that travelers payment for the tour; it’s essentially just a deposit because the online travel agency that the customer booked with still needs to ensure that the day tour is available and not booked. This disconnected lag in inventory has led to many canceled tours, lost business for the tour operators and lost revenue for the online travel agencies. By creating a universal platform for tour operators to maintain real-time inventory availability through RezB2B, tour operators will maximize revenue and efficiency through tech savvy supply chain management.

If you’re familiar with Kevin Du there’s probably a good reason why. Kevin co-founded an online travel agency named Tours4fun which was acquired by CTRIP, China’s #1 online travel agency and ranked #3 globally, in 2013. Kevin not only sees RezB2B as a disruptive emerging technology, but also as a key investment in continuing to lead a competitive advantage over industry competition. “Having access to real-time inventory is integral for online travel agencies and operators, and RezB2B solves that problem,” said Kevin Du. RezB2B has a development team that has been brought together with a common vision to disrupt and enable tour operators to earn more, efficiently.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, RezB2B has a culmination of 10+ years of operating Tours4fun’s own operations and understanding the needs and challenges of tour operators. Currently RezB2B hosts an inventory of over 15,000 tour and activity products from over 1,500 operators. They also provide simple tools for both tour operators and travel agencies to grow, manage, and expand their businesses to a global audience, attracting over 2,000+ agents worldwide since launched in 2017.


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