The Green Fund, An Investment Community, Is Leading In Cannabis Investment & Varying It's Offering

April 20, 2018

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SYDNEY, April 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The world is throwing money at cannabis companies as more regions legalize medicinal and recreational usage. The Green Fund is tracking it all, interviewing leaders in these companies and telling you the exact moment & price to buy these stocks at. As more traditional investments, and cryptocurrencies struggle – cannabis industry stocks are flourishing.

Founder Mark Bernberg defines The Green Fund as offering “…an honest, no nonsense analysis of the industry and the identification of companies with solid business plans and a management team capable of executing on them.  We take our time in evaluating companies and their positioning not only now, but into the future. We are not about getting rich quick and offering 1,000% gains in the first 4 months.”

The recreational market will eventually dwarf the medicinal market with some estimates predicting a market size north of $500bn by 2035 – that’s 5 times the size of the current beer market.

In 2017 The Green Fund’s recommendations garnered on average 58% growth, and although the industry took a dip with rhetoric from the Attorney General playing a role – The Green Fund has only seen a 6.8 YTD decrease and the outlook looks incredible. To better keep investors informed of opportunities in cannabis investment The Green Fund is launching new product offerings.

There are now levels of subscription to The Green Fund’s investment community, available at, including a $97 annual Newsletter subscription allowing users to still be keyed into monthly buying recommendations and analysis.

Per Mark Bernberg, “There are over 600 listed businesses currently operating in the ‘marijuana space’ and we focus on 24 of them. From company analysis to interviews with the CEO, we collate everything. This gives our members the best opportunity for significant long-term gains.”

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