TMD Security’s Card Protection Plate Defends ATMs against ‘Deep Insert’ Skimming and Shimming

March 9, 2016

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SCHAFFHAUSEN, Switzerland & PHILADELPHIA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TMD Security, the global leader in anti-skimming for ATMs and SSTs, announced today that its new, patented Card Protection Plate (CPP) protects against new types of skimming and shimming devices that are placed deep inside the ATM or SST card reader.

Self-service payment terminals in gasoline stations have been under attack from ‘internal’ skimming and criminals are now shifting their attention to ATMs, using the same kind of skimming devices. Successful incidents of ATM shimming have also been reported. ATM shimmers are positioned inside the card reader but use a different technique. They do not physically copy, or skim, the data on the magnetic stripe but intercept the communications between the chip and the card reader.

The Card Protection Plate prevents the insertion of skimming and shimming devices inside the card reader while the consumer’s card can still freely move in and out during the transaction and the CPP cannot be removed or displaced by criminals.

‘Skimming on SSTs in gasoline stations was out of control,’ says Robin Hamstra, EMEA Sales Director, TMD Security. ‘We needed to help SST manufacturers and deployers to protect their cardholders with a solution that was easy to install, maintenance-free and did not interfere with cardholder convenience. CPP has been installed on over 13, 000 SSTs and skimming incidents have stopped on those SSTs. Now that similar attacks are happening on ATMs, CPP will protect ATMs too.’

‘CPP is specifically designed for each card reader model and works with TMD Security’s Card Protection Kit (CPK) to deliver a complementary suite of defences,’ adds Robin. ‘ATM deployers have different risk profiles and can choose from our security portfolio which defends against all skimming and card compromise threats.’

TMD Security will discuss new ATM skimming threats and solutions in a live webinar hosted by ATM Marketplace.

About TMD Security GMBH

TMD Security, founded in 2004, is the global leader in anti-skimming solutions for ATMs and SSTs. TMD’s Card Protection Kit (CPK+) protects over 350,000 ATMs. Headquartered in Switzerland, the organisation includes R&D, sales and support in EMEA, APAC, North and Latin America.

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