Uplevel Limits Access to Dangerous Websites to Help MSPs Right-size Security for SMBs

April 20, 2018

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PORTLAND, Ore., April 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Uplevel Systems, provider of integrated networking capabilities to managed service providers (MSPs) serving small business, is making it easy for MSPs to help small companies enhance their data security by restricting access to high-risk Web sites. Intelligent filtering based on Domain Name Systems (DNS) equips small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) to control which sites their employees, guests, and teams can visit to reduce the risk of downloading exploits or allowing hackers to breach the company network—at a fraction of the cost of lower-performing standalone firewalls.

“Simply limiting access to certain sites—for example, preventing people from downloading cat videos from Facebook – lets small companies avoid about 90% of the security problems that they typically run into,” says Glenn Chagnot, VP Marketing at Uplevel Systems. “This type of endpoint protection costs far less than investing in new firewalls with intrusion detection, and our monthly subscription model lets MSPs offer DNS filtering at a price micro-SMBs with 10 or fewer users can afford.”

DNS filtering adds a powerful dimension to Uplevel’s strategy for helping MSPs right-size smaller clients’ cyber-security. No new equipment is required and customers can obtain DNS filtering licenses for as few as 10 users to avoid having to pay for unused functionality. The feature includes the ability for customers to easily black-list problematic sites, and expands Uplevel’s extensive security solution that consists of built-in enterprise-class firewall capabilities, intrusion detection, encryption, and ransomware protection.  Pervasive, proactive security designed specifically for SMBs is a cornerstone of Uplevel’s integrated networking platform that supports wired and Wi-Fi networking, secure VPNs, and data storage services.

“Our goal is to equip MSPs to grow their own business faster while bringing a better class of IT services to smaller companies,” Chagnot adds. “Features such as DNS filtering make it easy to educate, sell and support SMBs as they enhance data security without maxing out the budget. It’s a valuable component of a ‘good, better, best’ cybersecurity solution that gives companies greater control, promotes higher productivity, and adds protection against outages and emergency site calls by the MSP.”

Uplevel’s DNS filtering offering features best-in-class flexibility by allowing SMBs to apply rules to certain groups of users while excluding others and to implement policies at the gateway level so they are automatically applied to new or deleted users as employees enter or leave individual groups.

Uplevel Systems equips managed service providers (MSPs) to deliver profitable IT solutions to companies with less than 25 employees. Uplevel integrates firewall, VPN, Wi-Fi, routing, storage and backup into a single integrated solution to take MSPs beyond the desktop with compelling, remotely managed IT infrastructure on a purely subscription basis.

With Uplevel, MSPs can unlock an underserved $1.3B IT market by delivering more with less.  The Uplevel solution promotes recurring revenues and streamlines support for more clients with less equipment, travel, time, cost, and complexity. MSPs can easily sell, support, and scale managed services to the smallest businesses, turning time-intensive unprofitable “break/fix” arrangements into profitable long-term engagements.

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