Why Goldman Sachs is Bullish on Lithium

June 21, 2016

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As many lithium investors are no doubt aware, more and more market participants keep jumping on the lithium train. One of the biggest players to do so has been Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) which came out with a note entitled “Lithium Is the New Gasoline” last December. The note was part of the firm’s “What if I Told You?” series, which looked at “emerging trends poised to fundamentally change how we live and work.”

Of course, there is plenty of excitement over lithium, but there are also risks, and plenty of analysts and executives have counseled caution for those new to the lithium sector. Still, it’s worth being informed as to what Goldman has to say about the energy commodity.

In this video, Bob Koort, head of Industrials and Materials research at Goldman Sachs, explains a few of the main points behind the firm’s thesis. Koort believes that lithium will be key to the electric vehicle revolution:

This video was originally posted on the Goldman Sachs website. Check out the link to see the video there and to read the firm’s note on lithium.

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