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AAMCOR LLC is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) as well as an Equipment Broker (both new and used). We import and export equipment to virtually all parts of the world.

We are a manufacturer for explosive equipment, including Bulk Explosive Equipment (both mobile and stationary). AAMCOR supplies all types of support equipment for the explosives and mining industry including Bulk AN, ANFO, and Emulsion Silos, Explosives Magazines, Bulk Explosive Blend Trucks, Plant Explosive Equipment and parts for all makes of your Bulk Explosive Equipment.

AAMCOR rebuilds all types of bulk explosive equipment, and we supply simplified Hydraulic and Electrical Control Systems. Our control systems are closed loop and able to perform most any task, and use the latest CAN Bus Technology for communication from the controller to the hydraulic valves.

AAMCOR buys and sells all types of surface and underground equipment! One of our specialties is Rotary Blast Hole Drills. We also consign, purchase, and sell underground equipment, including but not limited to loaders, jumbos and locomotives.

Harley W. Bradbury
AAMCOR LLC President
2128 South 2700 West (Constitution Blvd) West Valley City, Utah, USA 84119

Mailing address: PO Box 271607 SLC, Utah 84127
main tel: 801-973-0306
fax: 801-973-0309
mobile: 801-232-5158

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