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Best-in-Class Quality. Personalized Technical Support.

It’s true, we do manufacture the highest quality products in the industry. But, what you’ll love about our engineers is their personal attention to your details that make your project a success.

Our solutions reduce overall project costs and offer high environmental benefit. Complimentary engineering ‘solutions-focused’ project evaluations serve to differentiate your company from others as we offer unique solutions to the most challenging problems.
Innovation Highlights

Original inventor of geocell technology and the Genuine GEOWEB® system.
Geocell technology improvements: textured and perforated cell walls for infill lock-up and drainage; integral slots for better and faster section connection.
High-strength tendons, ATRA® Load-Transfer Clips, ATRA® Anchors.
ATRA® Keys and ATRA® Driver for faster, more secure GEOWEB installation.
Inventor of Modular Rigid Porous Pavements: GEOBLOCK® grass pavers & GEOPAVE® aggregate pavers.
Inventor of Portable Construction Mats: GEOTERRA®-safer site access roads and platforms.

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Presto Geosystems
670 N Perkins Street, PO Box 2399
Appleton, Wisconsin USA 54912-2399

Toll-free: 800.548.3424
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