Large Exploration Licence with Drilled Nickel Resource (1155 metric tonnes Ni)

Stella Range Nickel-Cobalt & Gold Project – Advanced Exploration

Mine Details

Commodity: Chromite, Cobalt, Gold, Nickel, Palladium, Platinum
Location: Australia
Terms: For Sale, Joint Venture, Negotiable
Price: 250,000

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An advanced exploration program within a large exploration licence (119.54 km2) that comprises of a drilled nickel-cobalt resource with substantial exploration potential to increase the resource deposit.

Location and Access:

The Stella Range Project is located 222 km to the northeast of Kalgoorlie and 130 km to the south of Laverton, Western Australia. Access to the tenement is via the Laverton – Burtville – Jasper Hills road.


Stella Range Project (nickel-cobalt-copper-chromite-gold-PGEs)
* Exploration Licence (119.54 km2) located adjacent to BHP Nickel West tenure and deposits.
* Drilled resource 192,640 tonnes @ 0.60% Ni and 0.03% Co (0.50% Ni cut-off grade).
* Significant potential for resource upgrade and significant potential massive sulphide mineralisation including PGEs.
* Area has never been explored for gold and PGE's (several gold prospects in the adjacent area) and the ultramafics may have potential for PGEs.
* Magnetic anomaly continues for almost the NW to SE strike through the tenement (+19km strike).
* Only < 2% of the area has been explored allowing for significant scope for futher commodity discovery.


The topography of the prospect is predominantly peneplained alluvium and colluvium. Outcropping greenstone sequences incorporating in part ultramafic lithologies form distinct topographic highs. Areas of discontinuous lateritic duricrust occur over much of the northern ultramafics.


RC drilling has defined an initial inferred nickel-cobalt resource with 1155 metric tonnes Ni and 57 metric tonnes of cobalt. Significant exploration potential to increase resource deposit.


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