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3927 Acres 160,000,000 Tons West Virginia Coal

3,927 acres, FOURTEEN FEET OF COAL in two Seams

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Location: USA, West Virginia
Available Terms: For Lease
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100 MT of COAL is ABOVE DRAINAGE in two seams, totalling 14 feet thick. 60MT below drainage Allegheny Series 8 foot seam.
Project was lost and forgotten about. I uncovered Gold Coupon Bond Certificates recently from the year 1909 indicating FOURTEEN FEET OF COAL. The information presented to you here has been updated over time due to ongoing research. Here is an EXCERPT FROM the 1909 GOLD COUPON BOND OFFERING for this property: "GLENWOOD COAL & COKE COMPANY 6% GOLD COUPON BONDS, 30 year term. (Guaranteed by Sinking Fund.) Due September 15, 1939. Denominations, $500. Price, $95 and interest. Semi-annual interest. Netting investors 6.32%. Bonded debt, $750,000 (First Lien.) Value of property, $10,000,000. Property located on the OHIO RIVER, being NEAR to all WESTERN MARKETS and 300 MILES NEARER to the SOUTHERN MARKETS than all the operating companies of the PITTSBURG COAL DISTRICT, and AGGREGATING 3,927 ACRES OF COAL, TWO VEINS, FOURTEEN FEET IN THICKNESS. Both interest and principal payable in Gold or Equivalent. (Circular on Request.) Positively NO speculative bonds sold by this firm. The Carl C. Conkle Company, Investment Bankers. Machesney Building, 223 Fourth Avenue, Suite 1300, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania" A “Descriptive Circular” may possibly be found in Roger W. Babson's monthly periodical, “COMPOSITE CIRCULARS OF CORPORATION BOND OFFERINGS” in a 1909 issue. Glenwood Coal & Coke Company is also referenced in "BOND OFFERINGS: A DIRECTORY OF CORPORATION BONDS. Covering Statements for the Calendar Year 1909. Vol.5, 1910 Edition. By Roger W. Babson." The Carl C. Conkle Company was a Pittsburg based financier of mining, timber, and municipal rail projects (Photo of $500 Bond Certificate in this ad is a 2022 ARTIST'S IMPRESSION of how the original $500 certificates likely appear.)(Jenkins Well API 4702200527). 1,500 Gold Coupon Bond certificates were sold nationally between 1909-1910.

Location and Access

Southern Mason County, in Hannan District, at and around the town of Glenwood, West Virginia along the Ohio River. The coal rights accessible by state and county roads. There is a bordering Class 4 CSX rail line.
3,927 acres, FOURTEEN FEET OF COAL in two Seams, unmined 6 seams total. 100,000,000 tons above drainage. 60 MT Below Drainage. These beds as described by the bonds are the THICKEST REDSTONE AND PITTSBURG COAL ABOVE DRAINAGE IN MASON COUNTY WEST VIRGINIA


ALL OF THE ORIGINAL COAL IS IN PLACE. Aggregating 3,927 contiguous acres approx. 6 1/2 sq mi. Southern Mason County, West Virginia at and around the town of Glenwood, West Virginia. River, CSX rail and state road Rt 2 / Ohio River Road borders the property. The title is clear and well written. There is a high-pressure gas transmission line, 8-inch TC Energy SM-90, and adjacent compression station, with the line crossing across the middle of the coal lands. This gas line can potentially be used to de-gas the coal seams. There is a provision in the deeds that allows the coal to be removed without leaving any support to the overlying strata, the right to traverse properties underground and the right to install airshafts or entries anywhere on the acreage to mention a few. The previous owners were approached by a major oil and gas company drilling nearby in 2007 interested in the coal bed methane on the Glenwood coal lands but with many heirs, did not come to terms to sign a lease. 100% of the original coal is still in place. Please see the map showing much coal lands being 900' in elevation.


Gas Well API # 4705300217 near the property shows 6 coal seams. The geologic features of the property appear to be more like Ohio directly across the river and less like what borders it in West Virginia. 1908 Maps of Pomeroy (Redstone) and Pittsburg coal seams by Chief Geologist Bownocker, Ohio Geological Survey, in Gallia County appear support this theory. The property encompasses a localized thick deposit and in an area of little study, few gas well logs, and thus there is scant information in modern West Virginia coal maps. It took research over a period of years to find that there are localized thick coal deposits identified by the West Virginia Geological Survey along the Ohio River in Mason County on the property. A well drilled in 1904 by Federal Oil Company ( API # 053-70003) in the immediate vicinity of the property along Guyan Creek Glenwood, WV indicates the FOURTEEN FEET IN THICKNESS Monongahela coals as described in the Gold Bonds are above drainage. The Federal Oil well started below the two big coal seams and its wellhead slightly above the creek line. This well is known as the "Butler Well" can be found on page 217 of the West Virginia Geological Survey book of Jackson, Mason, and Putnam Counties 1911. The Pittsburg seam is about 600 Feet above sea level on the property. Standing at the creek line, the Pittsburg coal is about 25 feet above, with the Redstone (Pomeroy 8A) higher than the Pittsburg. Its possible both seams have come together as this is common in Gallia County where the Pittsburg and Redstone (Pomeroy 8A) seams occur. The Ohio DNR has data directly across the river from the property, 2.95 miles away indicating 20 feet of Pomeroy 8A (Redstone) coal in the Johnson Mine (c. 1907) . 4 miles away at Clover Station, West Virginia the Freeport bed shows 8 Feet as Indicated by the “Jenkins Well” in the West Virginia Geological Survey Book of "County Reports" Cabell Lincoln and Wayne Counties 1911, Dr. I.C. White . Three miles upriver at Mercers Bottom 10 Feet of little Pittsburg, Freeport, or Kittanning was mined for decades by the Barnett Coal Company, The Mercers Mining Company, and the Keester Mine, noting exceptional quality of coal.


Project History:
While drilling for oil in 1904, 1/2 mile from Glenwood, West Virginia a driller (possibly the Federal Oil Company) bored through coal for a continuous distance of 12 feet which began the interest in the property for coal mining.
In 1907 Pennsylvania interests, founded The Glenwood Coal and Coke Company of Mason County, West Virginia, with a capital stock of $100,000. The original developers were educated capitalists, successful in other mining enterprises. The company was misnamed by several industry publications of the era as "The Glenwood Coal and Oil Company" The new company’s chief works would be located at and around Glenwood, W.Va. The company assembled a contiguous block of nearly 4,000 acres of coal rights with a plan to mine two Monongahela seams, totaling FOURTEEN FEET IN THICKNESS. A total of $500,000 capital stock was held by the developers in two related companies from Delaware and West Virginia. The company’s assets sold for to the state for taxes in 1932, after the death of one of the original developers (William H. Wherry, Bentleyville, PA) during the Great Depression. The scientific reports, cores, and maps of the property were presumably lost around that time. Prolific West Virginia State Geologist and author Dr. I.C. White identified and mapped commercially significant Monongahela series coal deposits at Glenwood, West Virginia in 1908. One of these maps being the "Map of West Virginia showing the coal, oil, gas, and limestone areas” published by the West Virginia Geological Survey. I discovered that there were $750,000 in SECURITIES issued for this coal mining project in the form of GOLD CORPORATION BONDS in Spring 2022. The coal company heirs, from whom I acquired the property was a local family, owned it for decades and had inherited it from their parents. The previous owners told me their father was the owner and operator of several coal mines in two states. He purchased the Glenwood coal lands from the State of West Virginia in the 1940’s and being busy with other operating mines never got around to doing work on it other than identifying the general location. The previous owners made no attempt to advertise or promote development of the property. The coal mining project in Mason County West Virginia of The Glenwood Coal and Coke Company. Offered to you here is the vision of early industrialists and is truly a lost, forgotten mining treasure.
Major figures in the original project:
William H. Taylor, owner operator of St Clair Coal Company, Silver Creek Coal, and the Independence & Avella Coal Companies all of PA, controlled a total of 100,000 acres of coal lands in 4 counties near Glenwood, West Virginia, and was a major stockholder of Glenwood Coal & Coke Co.
John Wherry, Jr., commercial farming, WV & PA coal mine holdings, major stockholder of Glenwood Coal & Coke Co.
John Whitten, Mason County, West Virginia Counsel for Glenwood Coal & Coke Co.
Charles C. Bowyer, Mason County banker, trustee , and land agent, owner/operator of the riverboat steamer "C.C. Bowyer" and owner/operator Oak Forest Coal Co. of Putnam County, West Virginia.
Carl C. Conkle, Pennsylvania investment banker & mining projects financier
F.H. Andrew, Pennsylvania attorney, major stockholder Glenwood Coal & Coke Co.
Martin E. Smith & Son, Delaware attorney, officer of Glenwood Coal & Coke Co. and Independence & Avella Coal Co.

Additional Information

I have a standard QUIT CLAIM DEED from the previous owners. I own the undivided 100% interest with no partners. A FASForm coal facility is being built nearby by Frontieras North America. A major two-lane road will be upgraded along one side of the coal rights. It is my understanding that a 36” seam of anthracite is in the Hannan District and may also be on the property. There is a river barge dock and factory under construction about 5 miles north by Nucor Steel. This property may be a candidate for a "Conservation Easement" for a conservation buyer or land trust. PHOTOGRAPH OF $500 GLENWOOD GOLD BOND CERTIFICATE IN THIS AD IS A 2022 ARTIST'S IMPRESSION OF HOW THE ORIGINAL GOLD CORPORATION BOND LIKELY APPEARS.
Mason County IDX West Virginia Deed Book 412 Page 789 or for the 1908 transfer from trustee to the coal company, look up MASON COUNTY WEST VIRGINIA IDX Deed Book 79 Page 225. Check out the beautiful and lengthy hand-written deed filed in the public record. I have a 45 page report on this property that I will send to you. Below drainage there is the Freeport/Kittaning seam should be another 8 feet of coal with an additional 60,000,000 tons. The map is an estimate based on my understanding of the deed and does in fact appear to be contiguous acreage. Contact me, LETS TALK!
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