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500g/t gold, 23 drill holes and 2,782km2 landmass

GOLD & COPPER GOLD deposits-World Class Potentials

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Apache Abba Minerals Ltd with a registered and principal office located in Vancouver Canada is Pacific Rim of Fire focus for a major discovery in Papua New Guinea (PNG), an elephant country under explored of its potential.

The company's flagship, the advanced Malaumanda main gold and copper gold project has high potential to host a world class GOLD and COPPER GOLD deposit include following:
(i). historical 23 diamond drill holes with high gold values from 3 gold zones;
(ii). 500g/t Au at SW Ninib gold zone with the nature of the deposit is “breccia high grade” similar to Porgera mine (32M Oz Au) with the view to linking up with the Milikap main gold zone both have similar mineralization;
(iii). has a total of six (6) gold zones and another three (3) prospects with the Yapemag high porphyry aeromag target including the above.

2. Salumei Korosameri adjacent regional copper-gold adjacent EL2750 application has high potential for a major porphyry (Copper-Gold) with the following:
(i). 29.7% copper from a float sample in 2018;
(ii). Airborne Magnetic Survey interpreted has high porphyry (Cu) priority targets at C10 and C16 among others;

3. Direct equity partnership with the indigenous community to manage the political, social and community risks to enable conducive investment destination for investors, well structured role model to support on going exploration programs in the region.

Location and Access

Located 55km north of the world class Porgera mine (32M Oz gold) and 100km east of the Freida River (21M Oz Au & 12Mt Cu) deposit. Through the Malaumanda airstrip in the heart of the Malaumanda project ELA2752 and the adjacent Salumei Korosameri ELA2750; also 150km northwest of Mt Hagen and 156km southeast of Wewak airports respectively. Barges from the sea can reach the Karawari airstrip and the international tourist lodge located 20km north of Malaumanda airstrip.


The advanced Malaumanda gold and copper gold project include the historical 23 d/drill holes and the SW Ninib gold zone with the historical 500g/t gold & 5.9% Cu, with the nature of the deposit is “breccia high grade” similar to Porgera mine. Mineralization at Malaumanda also appears to be concentrated along the North-Northeast (N-NE) transfer structures, one of these structures is believed to be the strike extension of the transfer structures localizing the Porgera mine (32M Oz gold) and Mt Kare (2.3M Oz Au) deposits with high potential for epithermal (gold) mineralization also appears at the Milikap main and Lodon Tops within Malaumanda EL2752.

Also recent exploration on Malaumanda at the Wakunon gold zone reveals the "650m x 500m" zone of porphyry style alteration and associated copper-gold + molybdenum mineralization outlined at the Wakunon gold zone of Yape South prospect appears to have substantial volume potential as the area of alteration and mineralization is localized within a NW-SE structural corridor which is open along both the southeast (SE) and northwest (NW) strike directions. Includes the Yapemag (E’ee creek), aeromag high porphyry target need detail mapping and sampling located 500m east of the Wakunon gold zone; and follow-up exploration of historically high gold values from outcrops at the Dowene creek gold zone, northwest of the Wakunon gold zone.


Locally, the Salumei Korosameri regional ELA2750 and Malaumanda main ELA2752 are located 55km north of the Porgera mine (32M Oz gold) and 100km east of the Freida River (21M Oz Au & 13MT Cu) deposit. Regionally, both properties are located on the New Guinea Thrust Belt host to world-class mines and deposits such as Lihir, Ok Tedi, Porgera, Kainantu, Panguna, Hidden Valley, Simberi mines; Freida River, Wafi-Golpu, and Yandere deposits all in PNG; and the massive Grasberg mine just west on the Indonesia (West Papua) side of the international border; an extensive geological zone that stretches from NW to SE for thousands of km in the centre of the island; one of the richest gold and copper-gold producing regions in the world widely known as “an elephant country", however, under explored of its full potential as per the EU funded Airborne Magnetic survey in the highlands region of PNG.


Intermittent exploration has been going on the Malaumanda property (main) since late 1980s, however, the ASX almost crushed in late 1980s; the Bre-ex issue in the late 1990s, and the lower world gold price (below $300./oz) have forced junior firms to relinquished the property only due to lack of funding. Need a major investment for aggressive exploration and to advance the project to development stage. The properties are located within this zone, with the Malaumanda project being advanced significantly shaping up to be PNG’s next large-scale, gold-copper discovery.

Additional Information

Also has plans to develop the alluvial gold resource potential in the vicinity of US$30M plus based at the Ainagoby section and others along the Korosameri river bank. The immediate need for alluvial gold production is basically to support any ongoing exploration budget rather than going back to shareholders again to raise more funding.

It is well known that PNG is resource-rich. However, it is also recognized that there are a number of associated business and sovereign risks. The company is cognizant of the risks and has plans to mitigate the risks that are ‘manageable’ by the company with a “Concept Policy” in the industry to partnership directly with the local community and this is to manage the social, community, and political risks. The indigenous community are our partners on the Salumei Korosameri EL2750 and Malaumanda EL2752 with a 10-20% equity interest respectively and also a shareholder in Apache Abba Minerals guarantees a much secured and conducive environment for our investor’s investments.



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