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7000 Acres “Rome Trough” West Virginia Oil & Gas

Cabell, Lincoln, Wayne Counties West Virginia

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Location: USA, West Virginia
Available Terms: For Lease, Negotiable
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Located in the Rome Trough Great Stress area, well control problems have occured in shallow formations associated with the Pre Cambrian faulting on the acreage. 7000 Acres 100% in liquids window of Rome Trough. Part of a group of owners controlling 50,000 acres. Multiple deep well sites already on this acreage since 2015. Majors have de-risked on and around our position, so a few deep sites are already under spoken for. Emerging Stacked Unconventional Plays
(ESUP) 7,000 acres of stacked formations in a SUB BASIN of the APPALACHIAN BASIN known as the Rome Trough Cabell Lincoln and Wayne Counties West Virginia. Productive Formations found between 1,000' - 14,000' possibly deeper , containing Deep and Shallow oil and gas deposits. The emerging plays are the Rogersville Shale, Maryville Limestone, Rutledge Limestone, St. Peter Sandstone, Rome Sandstone, Pumpkin Valley Shale. and others. Pre-Cambrian faulting in the Trenton-Black River formation is also present on the acreage and has produced prolific quantities of gas in other West Virginia counties. I have concluded through analysis of the recent testing, the properties are in a overpressure zone, supported by geologic evidence and an oil well blow out on our property. Properties located in fairway on geologic trend with both wells API# 4709901572 Exxon Smith #1 Wayne County, West Virginia (4.4 TOC%) and API# 4707901538 Cabot 50 Amherst Putnam County, West Virginia (Maryville Limestone Producer). several properties in "Grant District" of Cabell County. In addition to recent exploration work, past work of Exxon , others and the Ryder papers form the basis of scientific inquiry of the deep deposits presented to you here.

Location and Access

Cabell , Lincoln , Wayne Counties , West Virginia. Deep rights & shallow rights available to lease, Mostly SOUTH OF INTERSTATE 64. Properties located in fairway along geologic trend Between well API# 4709901572 Exxon Smith #1 Wayne County, West Virginia (4.4 TOC%) and API# 4707901538 Cabot 50 Amherst Putnam County, West Virginia. Acreage assembled over a period of decades through the knowledge of one America's largest oil companies.


For your consideration I offer this outstanding mineral portfolio of West Virginia oil & natural gas minerals. Mineral lands located in CABELL, LINCOLN, and WAYNE counties approximately 7,000 acres of Rome Trough Fairway located on a geologic trend between two excellent data points in the Rome Trough, the Exxon J.P. Smith #1 Well, Wayne County West Virginia (c. 1974) and the producing experimental and exploratory core Cabot Amherst #50 Well, Putnam County, West Virginia (c. 2015). Mineral lands have FAVORABLE GEOLOGY including identified GREAT STRESS ZONE, PRECAMBRIAN FAULTS, DOMES, and STACKED FORMATIONS and SYNCLINAL features. Acreage assembled as a “Rome Trough” prospect through geologic knowledge of one America’s largest oil & gas companies. There are many pipelines through the area including a line to LNG facilities on the Gulf Coast. I OWN these MINERALS 100% with NO PARTNERS. In consideration of the STACKED STRATIGRAPHY, the formations’ depth range 1,800’ to 14,000’. There are huge deposits of oil and gas across the mineral rights. The many properties contain both CONVENTIONAL AND UNCONVENTIONAL DEPOSITS of OIL & GAS plus all other minerals as well as rare earth bearing 5' of "Pencil Cave" a Calcium Carbonate Formation. Formations with commercial deposits of oil and gas inlcude the following but are not limited to:
Big Injun, Berea Sandstone, Lower Huron Shale, Marcellus Shale, Trenton-Black River, Maryville Limestone, Rogersville Shale, Pumpkin Valley and the Rome Formation. Companies with work in the Rome Trough are Cimarex, Enervest EQT, Cabot, Coterra, Exxon, Chesapeake, Continental. One site is currently under lease for a deep well site and another site in Cabell County has a deep well design on the same acreage that experienced shallow well control problems in 2007 (BLOWOUT/FRACTURED OIL ZONE, 1,400 Bbls/d ) The second map showing 5 properties are 478 acres in the "Griffithsville Oilfield" at Yawkey, WV. There is an active secondary recovery in this oilfield.


Rome Trough, Geologic Fairway . Stacked reservoirs, Shale, Limestone, Sandstone. 1,800' - 14,000' in depth. Big Injun, Berea Sandstone, Marcellus Shale, Lower Huron Shale, Trenton-Black River, Maryville Limestone, Rogersville Shale, Conasauga, Rome Formation. In consideration of the 9 formation thereon, the lands contain 63,000 ACRES of oil & gas producing strata. Freak deposits of oil and gas (WELL CONTROL PROBLEMS!!) have been discovered in the Huron Shale on some of the minerals and relates to migration due to the Pre Cambrian faulting and great stress of the local geology. Check the seismic if you have access, you will see this is a "Little Ghawar" with like characteristics . The acreage has all the requisite features of a world class petroleum system.


This project was started in 1979 by us as a Rome Trough oil & gas prospect after Exxon discovered 4.4 TOC% in the Rogersville Shale, Just to the west of the 7000 acres at the J.P. Smith Exxon #1 Wayne County. Another deep well to the east produced produced to sales from a stratigraphic test from the Maryville Limestone at the Cabot Amherst 50 well from around 14,000 Ft in depth. Pressure and preservation, due to the increased anoxic environment during the depositional period, the Total Organic Content (TOC%) along this fairway trend in West Virginia is likley to be higher than Kentucky, where modern testing has occurred.

Additional Information

Mineral Rights are located mostly South of Interstate I-64 in Cabell Lincoln and Wayne Counties, West Virginia. I have a site for a Berea Horizontal Oil Well that was permitted in Lincoln County near Sod, WV in 2015 but has not been drilled and several other open sites for oil wells. If you are interested in ONE HUNDRED SIXTY MILLION TONS OF GLENWOOD, MASON COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA COAL , please see our other ad on this site for 3,927 ACRES OF COAL, TWO SEAMS, FOURTEEN FEET IN THICKNESS.


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