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Lake Ainslie Barite Fluorite Deposit

Barite Fluorite Deposit

Explored since 1880, tonnage-grade calculations are non-43-101 compliant, in short tons, 1974. Adits and shafts occur on the property and some drilling. Tonnage calculations are based on closely spaced drilling. Not all veins are included in the tonnage calculations.

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Golden Circle

6 former Producers Within 12.5 km Radius

Six former gold producers, and one gold showing, all with grades over 0.4 oz/t, and open pit potential. All within 30 kilometres of Halifax, Nova Scotia and all in accessible rural areas.

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Yava Pb Mine

12 million tons of 4% Pb

428,000 mined at 4.75% in 1979-81 with 99% recovery. Non-compliant 12 million tons of 4.18 (Patterson, 1988) remain (or 19.1 mt of 3.4% or 30 mt of 2.95% Pb) in shallow dipping sandstone beds ranging from 3.6 to 8 meters thick. About 1/2 oz Ag and up to 3% Zn in places with more exploration needed.

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Oceanview Cobalt Deposit

Up to 3% Co,Bi in Under Explored Copper Rich Skarn

Approximately 50 diamond drill holes have tested the area, spanning over 5 kilometres, most on the Copper Lake (French Road) showing, as well as the Oceanview showing. Exploration focused on copper mineralization, which occurs in association with cobalt, bismuth, zinc, arsenic, lead, tin and silver in a (polymetallic) skarn. Enclosing the skarn are a variety …