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Australia Mines For Sale



East Fine Gold Creek Project


Turn key operating mine with all lease’s and permits approved.



The Mt. Isa – Mt. Devine Project

Australian Gold/Copper Mine available for Joint Venture

Mount Monger Gold and Critical Minerals Project

Mount Monger Gold, Rare Earth Elements, Scandium

The exploration licence is owned by a private Australian Company.

Lithum Exploration Opportunity – Western Australia

Australia Lithium and Battery Minerals Opportunity

Battery Minerals, Rare Earth Elements, Precious Metals Opportunity in Western Australia

Gascoyne Project – Gold, Lithium, Nickel, REEs

Australian Gold, Lithium, Nickel, Copper - Gascoyne Project

The Gascoyne Project is located to the northeast of Gascoyne Resources Limited (ASX: GCY) Glenburgh 510,000 ounce gold deposit which is actually comprised of eleven (11) individual gold deposits ranging between 3,900 to 182,300 ounces gold. Rocks within the resource zone consist of granitic gneiss, amphibolite and mafic granulite, and minor migmatitic peliti …