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New Mexico Mines For Sale

Governor Mineral Property

60 Acre New Mexico Lode Claim For Sale

High Grade, multi-color fluorite – Massive Calcite formations underground

Nakaye Mineral Property

77 Acre New Mexico Lode Claim For Sale

The development of the Nakaye property could then lead in two directions. Either towards a small, high quality gem operation, or towards a large commercial copper deposit development.

Astrologer Mineral Property

20 Acre New Mexico Lode Claim For Sale

The Astrologer mining claim is remarkably remote despite its close proximity to the town of Silver City. It is a well documented producer of gold and silver. Estimate last workings at the mine were in 1950-1960. Common for the southwestern states of Arizona and New Mexico is the abandonment of rich deposits purely for a lack of infrastructure and logistical …