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Alix Resources Discovers Lithium at Electra Project

Alix Resources (TSXV:AIX) has discovered a lithium-bearing, clay-rich showing at its Electra project in Mexico. Electra is located adjacent to the Sonora lithium project, owned by Bacanora Minerals (TSXV:BCN) and Rare Earth Minerals Plc (LSE:REM).

As quoted in the press release:

Alix’s Tecolote Concession, located approximately five kilometres NNE of Bacanora/REM’s Buenavista Concession, yielded samples moderately to strongly anomalous in lithium, with highlights including 211.0, 162.5, and 71.2 ppm Li. Comparably, historical lithium values discovered by US Borax (RTZ subsidiary) on the northern part of the Buenavista Concession ranged from 121 to 276 ppm Li, with higher lithium values (+1,000 ppm Lithium) found in the central portion of the concession (see Bacanora 43-101

Alix is also pleased to report the discovery of sedimentary beds on its Tule Concession similar to, on trend and correlate with, geological units which host Bacanora’s La Ventana deposit (see PR dated December 10, 2015). The exploration program completed by Alix on the property in December included sampling which returned moderately anomalous lithium values from the portion of the concession area that Alix has prospected to date.

Alix Resources president, Mike England, said:

The lithium numbers from the clays on our Tecolote Concession are consistent with historic sampling carried out by US Borax (which first discovered lithium in the area) on the northern part of the Buenavista Concession, now currently held by Bacanora/REM. This is an important discovery for Alix as it shows we have encountered indicators similar to those seen on the Buenavista lithium concession.

Click here for the full press release.


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