Banshee Brand Batteries Introduces New D31M Marine Deep Cycle Battery

May 30, 2018

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MINOOKA, Ill., May 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — A new Group 31 marine battery has just been introduced for fishing and boating enthusiasts.  Banshee Brand batteries just unleashed a new D31M Deep cycle Marine battery. The Banshee 31M marine battery has 900CCA, 105AH, and a 2 year Warranty at an affordable price. Banshee Brand batteries have been successfully supplying heavy duty motorcycle batteries to they’re demanding motorcycle community customers for years.  According Operations Manager, Donny Sweeney, “The Banshee Deep Cycle Marine battery and marine boating market was logically the next step.” The new Banshee D31M Marine battery is 100% Maintenance Free, Spill proof, and has deep cycle performance comparable with competitors costing 50% more. The new Banshee D31M battery can recover from hundreds of deep discharges and perform flawlessly. The Advanced AGM technology is able to provide powerful 900CCA while also offering up deep cycle performance to keep you on the water. Banshee marine batteries are produced and manufactured using only the most up to date materials. All Banshee group 31 batteries have a built in Hydrometer which easily tells the current state of your battery life and is completely sealed so there is never a need to add water. Our group 31 marine battery is rugged, powerful, resilient, and should be the only battery you rely on for cranking, igniting, and lighting.For more Information on this battery. Visit or call Bigtime Battery at 815-467-6464Related Imagesbanshee-marine-deep-cycle-d31m.jpg
Banshee Marine Deep Cycle D31M Marine Battery
Banshee Marine Deep Cycle D31M Marine Batteryeasy-carry-handle-on-banshee-d31m.jpg
Easy Carry handle on Banshee D31M Marine Deep Cycle Battery
Built in handle on Banshee Marine Batteriesbanshee-31m-battery-rugged-marine.jpg
Banshee 31M Battery rugged marine terminals
Traditional BCI Marine Terminals on Banshe Marine battery.banshee-d31m-battery-built-in.jpg
Banshee D31M Battery Built in Hydrometer
Built in Hydrometer to easily identify battery charge condition.SOURCE BigTime Battery and Electronics

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