Botswana Diamonds Launches Exploration Program

March 23, 2016

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Botswana Diamonds plc (LSE:BOD) announced the start of an exploration program in Botswana. It will first focus on the company’s licenses in the Orapa area, and then on its licenses in the Gope area.

As quoted in the press release:

The exploration programme is being led by a team from Alrosa, our 50/50 joint venture partner, supported by an experienced BOD team.

Geologists have begun sampling on PLs 260 and 210.  PL 260 covers an area of 25 sq km between the Karowe and Orapa diamonds mines.  It contains 3 kimberlites AK21, AK22 and AK23, known to contain diamonds.  Alrosa and BOD have evaluated existing data and agreed that significant potential exists on the block.  A soil sampling geophysics, diamond drilling and reverse circulation wide diameter drill programme is ongoing and will continue on the block until the end of April.  The two/three wide diameter holes have a target depth of 300 metres.  A 90 tonne bulk sample will be analysed in a bulk sampling plant in Botswana.

A second team is deployed to PL 210 where two holes were drilled in 2015.  Targeted geophysics and soil sampling are designed to select drill sites for diamond drilling, which will commence in early April.  There are extensive Kimberlitic Indicator Minerals (KIMs) on PL 210 and we hope that the new drilling programme will identify the source.

On the completion of sampling and geophysics on PLs 210 and 260 the teams will move to the Gope Region.  Follow up work will be conducted on PLs 135, 136 and 137, where anomalies were confirmed in 2015. 

Early stage fieldwork will also start shortly on the new Gope licences obtained in late 2015.

Click here to read the full Botswana Diamonds plc (LSE:BOD) press release.


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