Brawler Increases Fabrication Capacity at Multiple Facilities

June 1, 2016

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HOUSTON, TX–(Marketwired – Jun 1, 2016) –

  • Brawler’s new fabrication capacity allows for up to 740 feet of fabrication with no butt-seams.
  • New multi-sealer technology is capable of producing 8,000 pound panels.
  • Multi-sealer machines are currently being used at the Midland, Texas and Pleasanton, Texas locations.
  • Brawler has over 300 million square feet of fabrication capacity annually.

Brawler recently increased their fabrication capacity at their Midland and Pleasanton locations allowing for larger and better-made industrial liners. The use of a new multi-sealer machine has increased panel capacity at the facilities, allowing for the production of 8,000 pound panels reaching up to 740 feet in length with no butt-seams.

Brawler has over 20 years of experience as a single source manufacturer of geomembrane sheeting and as a fabricator of industrial liners. The protective sheets and liners can be made anywhere from 8 to 60 millimeters in thickness and can be customized as needed.

“By both manufacturing and fabricating in-house, we are able to closely monitor and insure the quality of every liner we produce,” said Noel Aulds, Quality Assurance and Quality Control Manager at Brawler. “We utilized the commercial geosynthetics testing laboratories accredited by the Geosynthetic Accreditation Institute, in addition to our own quality testing laboratory that allows us to test a sample from every roll of material we produce. By doing this, we are able to verify that we are providing customers with a well-made product every single time,” he continued.

The Brawler facility in Midland, Texas has been fabricating for 25 years, and recently installed a six station multi-sealer allowing for faster production and larger panels. The custom made machine was designed by Brawler and has the ability to automate seams better than the traditional hand method. Brawler also fabricates at their Pleasanton, Texas facility which specializes in tank and drop-in liners for oil and gas, environmental, and agricultural applications. Combined, the two facilities have over 300 million square feet of annual fabrication capacity.

“Our large and customizable fabrication capacity allows us to create everything from drop in liners for above-ground storage tanks or landfills to floating one panel covers complete with hatches and weights,” said Enrique Saavedra, Director of Sales at Brawler. “Our liners successfully shield against waste products for a wide range of industries.”

Industries served by Brawler include oil and gas, coal ash, landfill, mining, environmental, agriculture, and athletics. Brawler is always happy to advise on project specifics for any customer. For more information about Brawler, please visit

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