Carats Diamonds – Becoming a World Leader in Colored Diamond Investment

February 3, 2016

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Carats is an international diamond brokerage firm based in Vancouver, BC, specializing in engagement and investment-grade diamonds. Since 1989 the company has built its business on delivering exceptional service and the finest quality diamonds at the best prices. Carats brokers have well-established connections across the global diamond markets as well as direct access to mines and cutters including in South Africa, Australia, Canada and Russia. In line with its mission to become a major global diamond supplier, Carats expanded into the Southeast Asian market in 2015.

Carats diamond brokers have a strong reputation for providing highly knowledgeable client education and guidance from “engagement to investment.” Carats is a 16-year member of the Better Business Bureau, which has recognized the company’s commitment to quality customer service and education by awarding Carats its highest rating each year.

As Canada’s first direct distributor from the world-class Argyle diamond mine, Carats has the top collection of natural fancy colored diamonds in the nation—including rare pink diamonds and the popular champagne colored diamonds. In 2017, Carats will be launching its natural fancy colored diamonds exchange to give its clients wider access to the fastest grown hard asset class in the world.

Investment Highlights

  • The world’s fastest growing hard asset class.
  • Considered currency all over the world.
  • The most concentrated form of wealth on the planet – nothing is smaller and more valuable.
  • Stealth Wealth: Countries around the world do not require the disclosure of colored diamond investment to government authorities.
  • Have significantly increased in value over the past few years.
  • Expected to continue to appreciate in value on rising demand and falling supply.

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