Dajin Reports Favourable Lithium Brine Assay Results From Teels Marsh, Nevada

June 9, 2016

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Dajin Resources Corp. (TSXV:DJI,OTCMKTS:DJIFF) announced it has released favourable results from an auger brine and sediment sampling program conducted in April, 2016, at its 100-per-cent-owned Teels Marsh lithium project in Mineral county, located 50 miles northwest of the producing lithium brine operation in Clayton Valley, Nevada.

As quoted in the press release:

The sampling program provided detailed information in the northwestern portion of the playa, where a total of 20 brine samples yielded concentrations as high as 71 parts per million Lithium, averaging 19 parts per million and Boron concentrations as high as 930 parts per million, averaging 227 parts per million. Sediments associated with these brines have Lithium concentrations as high as 740 parts per million, averaging 475 parts per million. Boron concentrations are as high as 11,800 parts per million and averaging 2,600 parts per million.

These results, when combined with earlier auger sampling completed in late 2014 and early 2015, confirm that Lithium concentrations in near surface (12 feet (3.6 metres)) sediments increase from east to west in the playa, from a low of <50 parts per million in the northeastern portion of the playa to a high of 740 parts per million in the northwestern portion of the playa. Lithium brine concentrations from shallow levels of most the playa are less than 10 parts per million but increase to a maximum of 71 parts per million in the northwest portion of the playa. Elevated Lithium concentrations in the northwest are believed to be related to concealed geothermal waters that are known to occur in the subsurface on the northwestern, western, and southwestern margins of the playa.

The 20 brine samples discussed herein were filtered at 5 microns in the field and acidified prior to shipment to the laboratories. Standard and blank samples were included, and the fluids have been analyzed at several laboratories as part of an on-going QA/QC program. Research to document the characteristics of Lithium in the brines and sediments is in progress at the University of British Columbia, funded with a National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) research grant.

Dajin Resources President and CEO, Brian Findlay, stated:

These are some of the best Lithium brine numbers to be announced outside of Clayton Valley in Nevada for some time. We are still in the early stage of exploration at Teels Marsh, and we are anxious to begin our initial drilling to test the potential for finding significant Lithium brines at depth.

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