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Fake Gold Bars Came from Fort Knox?

The biggest gold crime story of the century might be soon coming to full light. Evidence is being accumulating that the Clinton admin with Rubin at U.S. Department treasury replaced perhaps the entire contents of the Fort Knox gold with tungsten bars plated by gold. The salted gold bars are fasting becoming a global crime issue. Hong Kong discovered them, and now assayers are trying to authenticate most of the global gold held in banks. Entire nations are at risk. Before long the U.S. Government could be declared a rogue nation internationally.

Evidence is being gathered by perhaps a dozen key gold traders with diverse connections to the gold industry. They tie the delivery systems, the authentication processes, the assayers, record keeping, big financial firms, and trading platforms. Evidence mounts that as many as 1.5 million 400-oz gold bars were replaced at Fort Knox during the Clinton Admin with tungsten bars covered with a thin gold plate. This was a complex metallurgical feat, from what is told. The first ‘salted bars’ were discovered in Hong Kong a month ago, reported by the Hat Trick Letter.

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(Editor’s Note: If this is true, then this is proof just what a massive illusion our entire monetary system is)