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Hypervine launches unlimited space surveys for mining

Hypervine, the Scottish cleantech innovator leveraging satellite imagery and data analytics, is set to announce the launch of its unlimited satellite survey service for the mining industry.

The service, built through its partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA) and leveraging NASA’s resources, marks a pivotal moment in global mining operations and data analysis – absolutely vital for all key stakeholders across the mining industry’s supply chain, from investment and wealth managers to the sustainability specialists on the ground. 

Unlike traditional survey methodologies, Hypervine is providing unlimited satellite surveys for a fixed monthly fee, starkly contrasting the industry norm where a single report is sold. The satellite service is about providing comprehensive, accurate, and timely global data, including precise mineral mapping and monitoring of both open pit and select underground activities, the company said in a release.

Key features of Hypervine’s unlimited satellite survey service include:

Reduction in expenses with unlimited access to satellite surveys at a fraction of conventional costs.

Detailed reports on ferrous metal content, land surface temperature changes, vegetation indexes, and more.

Utilize cutting-edge imaging and analytics for mine activity monitoring, infrastructure tracking, and environmental assessment.

The service integrates seamlessly with existing reports, offering an alternative that enhances efficiency and reliability without the need for on-site presence.

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