Innovation and Preservation of the Environment and Natural Resources, at the Heart of the OCP Group Strategy and Its Subsidiary, Phosboucraa

February 7, 2016

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LAÂYOUNE, Morocco–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With an investment of nearly MAD 19 billion (USD 1.95 billion), Phosboucraa, a subsidiary of the OCP Group, together with the Phosboucraa Foundation have launched large-scale projects designed to support the southern regions of Morocco*.

The projects fall within the framework of a global and integrated strategy which seeks to facilitate and strengthen the region’s industrial ecosystem and socio-economic development.

Phosboucraa’s industrial ecosystem includes a Technopole, as well as the construction of an integrated fertilizer production platform to allow for the diversification of the product portfolio.

The Technopole project promotes education and academic research

The Foum El Oued technopole – Laâyoune project launched by the Phosboucraa Foundation will support the development of southern regions.

With future investment of MAD 2 billion (USD 205 million) by 2022 and covering 126 hectares, the Technopole project will host the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, Laâyoune devoted to research, innovation and training in the fields of science and technology in arid and Saharan regions and offering a gateway between training and research and development focused on the economy and environment in such areas.

It will also offer an Industrial Skills Centre and a School of Excellence.

Phosboucraa: diversification of industrial activities and development of the region’s ecosystem

An investment of close to MAD 17 billion (USD 1,74 billion) is shared between the construction of an integrated fertilizer production platform for the diversification of the product portfolio and the new wharf. In addition to the processing and export of rock phosphate, Phosboucraa will also produce and export phosphate acid and fertilizers.

Innovation and sustainable development

These new projects are founded on sustainable technologies, such as the desalination of seawater, wind power, cogeneration of electrical power (free of CO2 emissions) and ecologically-responsible waste management. The Education and Research Center will be devoted to the development and preservation of the environment and coastal areas.

* Guelmim-Oued Noun Laâyoune-Sakia El Hamra, Dakhla-Oued Ed Dahab.

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