LillyWorks(R) New Cloud-Based Software Delivers On-Time Results in Less Time, Every Time, Through Unique Protected Flow Manufacturing(TM)

June 8, 2016

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HAMPTON, NH–(Marketwired – Jun 8, 2016) – LillyWorks software is a new, revolutionary cloud-based system and an easy-to-understand method of executing and planning on the shop floor. It’s Manufacturing ERP reimagined™.

Protected Flow Manufacturing™ is LillyWorks’ new approach to shop floor execution, resource planning, and material planning and purchasing. For decades, job shop manufacturers have tried to use finite scheduling. However, finite scheduling requires super-accurate data regarding setup times and run rates at each operation in the routing. The Protected Flow Manufacturing™ approach to shop floor execution delivers excellent results without any setup time and run rate data whatsoever.

If a manufacturer has somewhat-accurate (as opposed to super-accurate) setup and run rate data for the routings, then the Protected Flow Manufacturing™ approach leverages that additional data. The system simulates the effect of issues concerning resource capacity and material availability that are likely to occur in the future. Protected Flow Manufacturing™ presents solutions to prevent those issues from affecting on time delivery.

According to Dick Lilly, manufacturing software legend and founder of LillyWorks, “I have been in the manufacturing software business since 1960, and have brought to market four different systems, each of which leveraged the technology of its time. At issue now is the antiquated approach to material and resource planning utilized in today’s ERP.”

Mr. Lilly added, “My team and I have spent the last two years reimagining ERP and the result is LillyWorks™. Without resorting to traditional ‘MRP’ or ‘finite scheduling’ or any of the buzzwords that leave manufacturers confused and unable to protect due date promises, Protected Flow Manufacturing™ delivers on-time results in less time, every time.”

From hands-on experience working with manufacturers of all sizes, the LillyWorks team understands that most shops do not use their ERP’s scheduling features, relying instead on lots of spreadsheets and frustrating, time-consuming scheduling meetings to negotiate priorities. They were determined to revolutionize production planning and execution to simplify managing workflow and resources. Without the meetings.

The result is the only manufacturing ERP system that actually brings order out of chaos — letting manufacturers make commitments they can keep, while maximizing flow and avoiding the common pitfalls that eat away at profit margins.

About LillyWorks
Material planning, purchasing and production planning functionality (collectively called Manufacturing Resource Planning or MRP II) were at the core of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in the early 1990’s. Major software vendors focused development efforts in peripheral areas, even going so far as to add functionality for many non-manufacturing enterprises. Today, ERP and manufacturing are no longer synonymous.

The Lilly family has been innovating software for manufacturing companies since 1960. LillyWorks serves only manufacturing companies. Fully aware that the needs of manufacturers have changed since last century and that MRP II functionality is no longer good enough, LillyWorks puts Manufacturing Back in ERP™. Lilly Works is headquartered at 4 Merrill Industrial Drive, Hampton, NH 03842, Telephone 603-926-9696 or visit

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