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Lithium potential mapped in northeast British Columbia  

New research shows potential locations and concentrations of lithium in British Columbia’s Northeast Region, Geoscience BC said on Thursday.

The NEBC Lithium – Formation Water Database project tested brines from deep below the surface at producing natural gas wells to create the first database of lithium and other critical metals in Northeast BC formation waters.

The results indicate that it may be economic to extract lithium from the brines alongside natural gas development in the region, Geoscience BC said.

The project, a collaboration between Geoscience BC, Lithium Bank, Natural Resources Canada and Northern Development includes a detailed dataset and mapping that can inform decisions by industry, Indigenous groups, government and communities.

The study provides encouraging early results, Geoscience BC said, adding that further formation brine sampling and analysis will help to further understand the opportunity for lithium and other critical minerals in the subsurface of Northeast BC.

“There is high demand for secure sources of lithium. Data to locate, assess and extract this critical metal can help ensure a home-grown supply and boost Canada’s transition toward a net-zero emissions economy,” Geoscience BC Manager, Energy and Water Randy Hughes said in a news release.

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