Lucapa Diamond Defines Drill Targets at L259 Kimberlite

March 16, 2016

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Lucapa Diamond Company Ltd. (ASX:LOM) released the results of a geophysical survey program conducted at the L259 kimberlite and surrounding kimberlites at its Angola-based Lulo diamond project.

The program was designed by GRS Consulting, and the firm also interpreted the results.

As quoted in the press release:

In its report, GRS Consulting said the survey work over L259 had defined an estimated 78-108ha, low-density, moderately-conductive body, modelled to a depth of between 35-100 meters. This was consistent with the weathered near-surface expression of a kimberlite, or its crater. The area below the low-density zone was interpreted to have a similar density to the country rock. The rock type below the low density zone cannot be ascertained by the geophysics alone, as the unweathered kimberlite at L13 also appeared to have a similar density to the surrounding shale country rock.

The GRS Consulting report concluded: “One of the main objectives of doing the geophysical surveys was to delineate a body at L259 for drilling, and to map its size and shape. This has been achieved without a doubt, with good correlation between the gravity and EM surveys.

Click here to read the full Lucapa Diamond Company Ltd. (ASX:LOM) press release.


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