Macarthur Minerals – Largest Land Acreage in Hard Rock Lithium for Junior Exploration

April 26, 2016

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Macarthur Minerals (TSXV:MMS) is an Australian company focused on identifying and developing high-grade lithium projects. Macarthur Minerals currently holds 13 exploration license applications covering a total area of 1,192 square kilometers across the Pilbara, Ravensthorpe and Mid-West regions of Western Australia.

Peer activity in the Pilbara region includes both Pilbara Minerals (ASX:PLS) and Altura Mining (ASX:AJM) who hold advanced lithium projects with JORC-compliant resources.

Rare Earth Minerals PLC (AIM:REM, OTC:REMMY) recently made a strategic investment in Macarthur Minerals. REM has a joint-venture partnership with Bacanora Minerals in the Sonora Lithium Project in Mexico—the only project in the world to have an offtake agreement with Tesla.

Macarthur Minerals is managed by a strong team of exploration and finance professionals. The team recently completed a modest capital raise which will bring its lithium projects through the initial stage of field reconnaissance in mid-2016. The Company will seek further capital to develop its projects.

Macarthur Minerals has a “shovel-ready” iron ore project, in Western Australia’s Yilgarn region. This project and the Company’s other iron ore project is on care and maintenance due to the current oversupplied iron ore market.

Investment Highlights:

  • Over 1,192 square kilometers of lithium acreage in Western Australia.
  • One of a few TSX-V listed companies to have potential projects for lithium in Australia
  • Strong management team with significant international experience with a worldwide network of contacts.
  • Strong track record of exploring and identifying projects.
  • Strategic investment by Rare Earth Minerals Plc, which has invested in other world class lithium projects.
  • Lithium acreage is proximate to Pilbara Minerals, which has raised A$100m to develop a lithium-tantalum project.
  • Two iron ore projects in the Yilgarn Region of Western Australia with over C$70 million raised and invested.

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