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Multiple wins for Laurentian University students at Canadian Mining Games

Laurentian University students have once again made their mark on the Canadian Mining Games, taking home two first place finishes as well as two third place finishes in the 2023 competition. The 33rd edition of this long-standing event saw students compete in multiple facets of mining. This year’s competition was jointly hosted in Vancouver by UBC and BCIT, with events at each campus. 

Laurentian University:

1st Place: Underground Mine Design1st Place: Sustainable Development3rd Place: Health & Safety3rd Place: Tailings & Closure Management

Next year, the 34th Canadian Mining Games will be hosted by Laurentian University in Ontario and will see hundreds of participants traveling to Sudbury to compete. 

In addition to the students who competed in Vancouver, another group of Engineering students competed in Denver, Colorado, within the international mine rescue competition. They finished in third place for the first aid event and Quinn Roos also finished third in the individual field test technician event.

Canadian Mining Games team members:

Georgina Coste-Ramsay – MississaugaJackson Miteff – TorontoZayan Mansoori – MiltonNicholas Eyre – SudburyJoshua Kroll – Thompson ManitobaMatthew Price – TorontoNana Awuah-Ben – Accra, GhanaDarshan Shah – Ahmedabad, IndiaKirsten Deneka – Sudbury Joseph Boye – Richmond HillAlex Colangelo – GeorgetownJustin Gmehlin – StrathroyQuentin Quibbell – InnisfilMiguel Lefebvre – Sudbury Sharon Cardenas Sanchez – Junin, PeruCat Biskupski – Vaughan

Laurentian University Mine Rescue Team Members:

Noah Lambert  –  Iroquois FallsDan McCormick – BarrieFelix Gervais – HanmerQuinn Roos – SudburyCamryn Dunn – OttawaJordan Sutton – Kirkland LakePhilip Vipond – Staff Advisor

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