NMA: Paris agreement ignores role of clean coal technology

April 28, 2016

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National Mining Association (NMA) President and CEO, Hal Quinn, commented on the recent climate change agreement signing ceremony in New York City, US:

“What is missing from the administration’s celebratory rhetoric surrounding the Paris agreement is that its own plan for addressing global warming – aside from being stopped by the Supreme Court for its questionable legality – bears a still more fundamental flaw. It ignores the fact that reaching the UN’s temperature reduction goal will not be achieved by regulations designed to drive US coal out of the market. That goal can only be achieved by aggressively supporting the testing and deployment of high-efficiency, low-emissions technologies for use globally.”

“But by refusing to acknowledge the technology solution, the administration has inexplicably turned its back on the most responsible pathway for addressing the issue it claims is urgent – as well as on the hundreds of millions of the world’s poor who lack or will lose affordable electricity,” continued Quinn.

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