PicoBrew Gives Pico U Kickstarter Backers Endless Brewing Possibilities with DIY PicoPaks

May 30, 2018

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SEATTLE, May 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Today, PicoBrew announced an exciting add-on item for backers of its Pico U Kickstarter campaign: Add Your Own Ingredients Kit that allow users to fill PicoPaks with their own custom ingredients, set a custom brewing cycle, and brew their creations on the new Pico U, as well as existing Pico Model C, and Pico Pro appliances.
This marks the first time that PicoBrew has enabled owners of their countertop appliances to have full customization capabilities, controlling the brewing times and temperatures for each ingredient. For beer brewers, it’s now possible to create fully custom brews with favorite ingredients using PicoBrew’s precision technology. For Pico U users who enjoy a range of beverages, empty PicoPak Minis can be filled with herbs, spices, grains and other ingredients to create completely custom teas, nut milks, coffees, sodas and more.
“For as long as we have offered our countertop brewing appliances, we have always had demand from homebrewers to be able to use their own ingredients with our Pico line of appliances. Today, we’re happy to be making that a reality,” said Dr. Bill Mitchell, CEO, PicoBrew. “This is exciting news for our homebrewers who we know will come up with incredible beers, but also for anyone looking to customize the tea, coffee and other specialty fusion beverages that they can brew with the Pico U. The brew possibilities are endless!”
Want to choose your own grain and hops to test a new craft beer recipe or re-create an old favorite? The flexibility PicoBrew is offering now makes it’s possible to brew exactly what your taste buds are craving. Use our Beer Editor and choose from a library of recipes, create your recipe, or import an existing BeerXML recipe. Add your grains to the mash bin and place your hops/adjuncts in the Hops Pak. Clip on your PicoPak lid, place your PicoPak in the Step Filter, and hit brew!
Add Your Own Ingredients Kit are now available as an add-on and reward tier on PicoBrew’s Kickstarter campaign with an additional $50 to your pledge. The kit contains everything needed to add your own ingredients:

  • Reusable Dividers for separating adjuncts
  • 5 PicoPaks = 5 Hops Paks + 5 Mash Bins
  • 5 PicoPak Minis = 5 Hops Paks
  • Stainless steel clamps for securing lid on Mash Bin and Hops Pak
  • Collection of small, medium, and large sachets for your adjuncts
  • Mineral packets (gypsum, calcium chloride) for brewing water adjustments
  • Pico bittering hops

The empty PicoPak cartridges are made of the same eco-friendly biodegradable material that made PicoBrew a 2017 CES Innovation Awards Honoree for Eco-Design and Sustainable Technologies.
PicoBrew launched the Pico U Kickstarter campaign on May 16th. It was fully funded in under 90 minutes and has already raised more than $380,000 since the launch with 21 days left to go. The Pico U Universal Brewing Appliance will ship to Kickstarter backers in January 2019.
To back the campaign, go to Pico U Kickstarter campaign and stay tuned for more great incentives and rewards in the weeks ahead.
About PicoBrew
PicoBrew was founded in Seattle in 2010 by brothers Bill and Jim Mitchell, a former Microsoft executive and food scientist, along with engineer Avi Geiger. Combining their food science and technology expertise with their passion for homebrewing, they set out to improve the craft beer brewing process for small producers and homebrewers. PicoBrew introduced its flagship product, the award-winning Zymatic® automatic beer-brewing appliance for beer brewing professionals and homebrewers, in 2013. The Pico™, designed for consumer craft beer enthusiasts, followed in 2016. Both machines are designed to improve the precision, repeatability and overall quality of the brewing process to create consistently delicious craft beer. For more information, visit www.picobrew.com or follow PicoBrew on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
Karen Pineman, LKPR, Inc.

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