PIRA Energy Group Integrates Gas and Power Teams to Address Transitioning Markets

February 8, 2016

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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PIRA Energy Group, a leader in global energy market analysis, announced today the integration of its gas and power teams.

Natural gas is poised to play an increasingly important role in the global energy mix, a dynamic driven by the availability of new lower-cost supplies and changing demand requirements. Power generation will remain the dominant catalyst for this transformation, but future growth will also occur in the industrial and transportation sectors. As the power and natural gas markets become ever more intertwined, market participants will increasingly face unprecedented complexity, disruption and volatility in their businesses. To address this, PIRA has adopted a new integrated approach to analyzing these markets and has recently made significant investment in further product innovation.

PIRA has appointed Ira Joseph to lead the newly integrated practice as the Head of Global Gas and Power. Ira brings over 25 years of experience, including the development of several of the core global business segments at PIRA: the European Gas, European Electricity, and Global LNG services. His cross-commodity perspective brings tremendous value to this effort.

Work is well under way to integrate PIRA’s vast array of offerings in gas and power, which will connect PIRA’s international and North American services. PIRA’s clients will have access to new analysts, research and tools that focus on disruptive technologies and policy matters. Most important, this comprehensive coverage will be put in the context of PIRA’s data-driven, fundamentals view of the market.

A fundamental shift in the way gas and power markets relate to each other is rapidly taking place.

“This move is a significant step forward for PIRA and our gas and power clients. A fundamental shift in the way gas and power markets relate to each other is rapidly taking place, and the research sources now available to the industry are not comprehensive enough. We will make it easier for clients to access PIRA’s diverse resources by bridging our international and North American businesses. It is a logical and meaningful direction to take,” said Ira Joseph.

The integration of the gas and power groups is part of an ongoing, focused effort to deliver the deep knowledge of PIRA’s leading team of experts in ways that best align with the needs of today’s energy professionals. “Our brand stands for delivering the total view of the energy market — one that is objective, expert and integrated,” said Gemma Postlethwaite, PIRA’s Chief Executive Officer. “In order to make sense of the market, our clients need to see the impacts of one commodity on the other. You can’t look at the gas market without looking at power. You can’t look at power markets without understanding renewables and new technologies. And you can’t analyze completely North America without looking abroad. The best decisions can only be made when looking at these intersections.”

About PIRA Energy Group

Established in 1976, PIRA is one of the leading energy market analysis firms, providing the total view of the energy market so its clients can make the best business decisions possible. Currently, more than 500 companies located in 60-plus countries retain PIRA. These include international integrated majors, national oil and gas companies, independent producers, refiners, marketers, oil and gas pipelines, electricity and gas utilities, major industrials, airlines, trading companies, financial institutions, and government agencies.

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