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Platinum and Palladium Prices to Do Better in 2016?

Market Realist published a piece looking at the bullish case for platinum and palladium prices, arguing that a number of factors, including strong European demand, could be positive for the white metals.

As quoted in the publication:

European auto sales rose about 14% in November 2015, which gave a boost to both metals. Platinum and palladium rose 5.1% and 1.5%, respectively, on a trailing-30-day basis. The numbers could remain positive as 2016 advances.

Auto sales are predicted to be robust in the coming year, which will most likely give a boost to these precious metals. However, the new generation’s move toward electric and fuel-based cars may worry platinum and palladium investors. As these new vehicles do not use platinum and palladium, a switch may cause the prices to derail.

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