Polyvore Substitute, known as ChicVore, Puts Emphasis on Building a Creative & Art Community, Over Building a Store

April 23, 2018

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SAN FRANCISCO, April 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Polyvore was not a store. At least, that is the philosophy driving a new Polyvore substitute, called ChicVore. The site’s founding group of ex-Polyvore users aim to build a new community with an emphasis on its creators and artists, rather than its store. To them, Polyvore had a store as a result of its creative community, but the store was always secondary.

ChicVore, a website which has gained over ten thousand subscribers within less than a week, seeks to become the preeminent Polyvore alternative by following through on this promise to cater to the art and design creatives who made the old iteration what it was in the first place. To do so, the team is announcing that their top initiative for the next version of ChicVore will be focused on a method to create, display, and share the artistic works of its userbase. They point out that premise extends to visual arts created outside of the app, in addition to art boards designed through the platform.

The proclamation that their shop will be of lesser importance is one that many businesses would avoid, as the premise seems counter to a revenue-friendly model. And yet, ChicVore has already garnered the support of Impressions, the #20 fastest growing software company of 2017 (Inc. 5000). A rapidly expanding content creation software firm, Impressions has always focused on producing valuable and interesting articles, videos, podcasts, and tools, with the understanding that the true path to profitability lies in the trust between an app’s creators and its userbase.

ChicVore has also announced an initiative to restore art sets from Polyvore user profiles through an upload feature.

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