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Tamarack Mining, Des Nedhe forge First Nations group purchasing organization in Canada

Tamarack Mining Services, a group purchasing organization (GPO) in Canada, announced on Tuesday the establishment of the nation’s inaugural Fully Accredited First Nations GPO.

The result of a strategic partnership between Tamarack and the Des Nedhe Group, the formation signifies a groundbreaking shift in procurement practices across Canada’s mining, industrial and construction sectors, Tamarack said.

By harnessing the specialized knowledge of the Des Nedhe Group, a First Nation-owned and operated organization dedicated to fostering economic development and empowerment within First Nations communities, Tamarack said the initiative aims to revolutionize the landscape of group purchasing, unlocking value for members and fostering sustainable, cost-effective practices.

Jordan Baptiste, a leader in Indigenous business development and the mining industry, will spearhead the newly formed GPO in Canada as managing director.

“Our aim is to provide our members with access to best-in-class suppliers, ensuring a cost-effective and secure supply chain that contributes to the sustainability of our business operations,” Baptiste said in a media statement.

Sean Willy, CEO of Des Nedhe, said the establishment of an accredited First Nations GPO represents a significant milestone in reshaping procurement within the Canadian mining and industrial sectors.

“This marks another pivotal moment in Canada’s journey toward sustainable resource and industrial development,” Tamarack CEO Ben-Schoeman Geldenhuys said.

“As we continue to grow our economy through mining, industrial development and construction, Tamarack remains committed to supporting our members’ growth through innovative group purchasing initiatives.”

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